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Cake auction in new gym leaves sweet impression in Barnwell

Posted on February 9, 2017 by Taber Times

By Greg Price
Taber Times

If there was any worry that the new gymnasium at the modernized Barnwell School would somehow take away the mystique of the school’s basketball games/cake auction night, those worries can be put to rest if last Thursday is any indication.

“I think it met and exceeded any of my expectations. I was worried it wouldn’t have the same feel to it and I was wrong,” said Aaron Edlund, vice principal and athletic director at Barnwell School, as the night still very much featured standing-room only at times at its peak, despite the expanded seating capacity. “The credit goes to the kids for being so entertaining with both basketball games being played so well. The boys game was a three-point game and everyone was on the edge of their seats. The kids helped bring the atmosphere up with their level of play.”

The Barnwell Trojans girls team went on to victory over W.R. Myers with the Barnwell Trojans boys basketball team taking a tough three-point loss after leading for a good portion of the game.

On the cake auction side of things, Edlund looks for 10 auctionable cakes that have been prepared and there was certainly plenty of good ones to choose from. The other are used for raffle cakes that still raise plenty of money.

“The highest cake went for $2,500 (Jensen Farms) which is really interesting because he was therefor the Myers teams, his son plays on the Myers team. He’s bought cakes the last tw years. That’s an easy way for Barnwell ot say ‘let’s nvite Myers next yea’,” said Edlund with a chuckle, adding Debbie Bullock bakes the cake that went for top dollar. “It is an event I think teams aprreciate and want to be a part of now. Gilbert Paterson (in Lethbridge) was our team partner for a year and two and they were really sad when we decided to go back to Myers. The coaches, administration, players and parents at Myers have all been great.”

The finally tally on the school fundraiser which included the auctioned cakes, raffle cakes and concession, came in at $13,893. That total does not include the selling off of commemorative bricks from the tear down of the old school that went quite well with residents, and/or former students/teachers from the school wanting a piece of nastalgia from the 100-years-old school structure.

“I’ve heard they have sold almost 200 bricks,” said Edlund, at $20 a brick. “And people placed some more orders becasue they diidn’t have enough bricks there.”

Lots of local resdents wanted to take their turn at being Betty Crocker for the cake auction, wiht a whopping 50 raffle cake sup for grabs along with the 10 auctiond cakes.

“Some of those cakes are amazing too and some ar enot so amazing,” said Edlund with alaugh, adding often young kids take their turn in making a light-and-fluffy offering to be par tof the community spirt of the cake auction night. “The fun is just doing it. I stole the idea frm my high school in Iowa. I ran cross country and I remember baking a cake with a bunch of other 17 year-old boys and none of us had ever baked a cake before.”

While still standing-room only during peak traffic times during the night, Edlund noted watching the games was more enjoyable fo rhte fans who diid not have ot endure the infamous ‘pillars’ that blocked sight lines in th eold gym. And fans could walk around and enjoy the school a bit as well.

“In the past, if you wer elucky enough to get a seat, you weren’t going to the concession for suppoer becasue you weren’t getting your seat back,” said Edlund. “It allowed a little more movement.”

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