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Town council special meeting briefs from Nov. 16

Posted on January 11, 2024 by Taber Times

The following are selected briefs of the Nov. 16 special meeting of Taber Town Council.

2024 Operating Budget Background

According to Administration, the Council approved increases for Community Related Organizations have been incorporated  as previously presented. 

The Council Discretionary Fund has been left at $25,000. 

Utility increases previously discussed with Council have been incorporated.

One new position was created by the Recreation Department, and was up for discussion. 

The Planning Department was looking for $90,000 from operating reserves to fund the SE Area Structure Plan and Annexation. This has been incorporated in the proposed 2024 budget. 

The contribution to capital reserves has been reduced by $171,161 in the operating budget and as such the 2024 capital projects have been reduced by the same amount. 

“This will reduce the financial impact on taxpayers,” stated Administration in the meeting agenda.

To balance the 2024 operating budget, Administration funded the deficit of $742,944 from Capital Reserves (stabilization fund).

Taber Police Service Budget Summary

According to the Taber Municipal Police Commission (TMPC), the operating budget for the TPS will increase in 2024 due to a body-worn camera mandate from the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services (estimated $160,000 to implement), and increases to employee contracts.

“2024 is the Taber Police Service’s 120th year of service to the community of Taber,” stated the commission in their budget narrative. “As this is a significant milestone, we wish to celebrate within the police service and with the community in 2024. We are asking for $11,000 in budget allocation for promotions throughout the up-and-coming year. This will include the striking of a challenge coin, centennial ball caps for the membership and stakeholders, and some for sale to community, a regimental dinner, and some extra expenses at the police ball, et cetera.”

Capital items the commission approved for consideration included an annual police car replacement, refurbishing of front counter space, and evergreening of voice recorder and radio consoles. 

Total Revenues: $1,510,067; Total Expenses: $5,058,030



Total Revenues: $553,550; Total Expenses: $535,588


Total Revenues: $3,730,560; Total Expenses: $2,882,475


Total Revenues: $3,436,327; Total Expenses: $3,143,540

Solid Waste Collection and Recycling

Total Revenues: $2,175,090; Total Expenses: $2,418,081

Engineering and Public Works

Public Works

Total Revenues: $109,287; Total Expenses: $4,104,153

Facilities Management

Total Revenues: $245,681; Total Expenses: $1,406,581

Planning and Development

Total Revenues: $1,346,000; Total Expenses: $836,135


Total Revenues: $962,277; Total Expenses: $4,344,447

According to Administration, the proposed recreation budget has adjustments within the salaries, wages & benefits areas. 1. There has been a percentage redistribution of existing hours in management & CUPE positions to reflect the actual effort in the salaries portion of the operations budget. 

2. There was a reallocation of monies from contracted services to CUPE casual wages that proposes the introduction of 3 new casual positions in parks and 1 full-time custodian position in the auditorium. 

3. Removal of the summer programs hours due to Recreation partnering with a local community group in 2023 to transition those services.

Chief Administrative Officer

Total Revenues: $143,000; Total Expenses: $716,496

Administrative Services

Total Revenues: $113,644; Total Expenses: $238,322

Legislative Services (Council)

Total Revenues: $0; Total Expenses: $1,328,705

Economic Development

Total Revenues: $215,412; Total Expenses: $381,536

Finance and Customer Care

Total Revenues: $15,300; Total Expenses: $1,150,068

Information Technology

Total Revenues: $15,568; Total Expenses: $1,300,461

Human Resources/Health and Safety

Total Revenues: $0; Total Expenses: $315,175


Total Revenues: $206,338; Total Expenses: $1,266,453

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