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Local entrepreneurs showcased in M.D. of Taber video series

Posted on December 27, 2023 by Taber Times

By Heather Cameron
Taber Times
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Last month, the M.D. of Taber created a 10-part video series that provides a brief glimpse of the business journey of local entrepreneurs.

Arlos Crofts, Chief Administrative Officer for the M.D. of Taber, says that the series was created in collaboration with Community Futures Chinook and the Municipal District of Taber, and is titled “Business Success Stories.” Community Futures Chinook, Crofts says, played a significant role in its creation, offering support, resources, and featuring local businesses within their network. Collaborative efforts between Community Futures Chinook and the municipality, Crofts says, showcases a unified approach towards fostering local economic growth and community well-being.

“The specific videos in the series showcase various local businesses within the Municipal District of Taber,” said Crofts. “They cover a diverse range of industries such as agriculture, construction, services, and more. Each video highlights the entrepreneurial journey of a featured business, discussing their beginnings, growth, and reasons for choosing the M.D. of Taber as their base of operations.”

So far, Crofts says, there are six videos produced within the series: Perry Farm Family in Chin, Van der Stoel Pollinating in Enchant, Pinnacle Sod in Taber, Hidden Spring Pet Resort in Barnwell, Maple Leaf Construction in Taber, and Integra Tire in Grassy Lake.

“The business owners featured in these videos share their personal stories, challenges faced, successes achieved, and the unique aspects of doing business within the M.D. of Taber,” said Crofts. “They discuss factors such as community support, local resources, the business environment, and what makes their business stand out. The creation of this series is commendable as it serves multiple purposes. It provides a platform for local businesses to share their stories, potentially attracts attention and support from a wider audience, and creates a sense of community pride and support. For businesses, it can serve as a promotional tool, showcasing their unique offerings and attracting new customers.”

Crofts says that more videos are currently in production and will come later. The videos can be viewed at:

“The inspiration behind this series stems from a desire to showcase the diverse entrepreneurial talent within the community and to foster a culture of support and collaboration among businesses and residents,” said Crofts. “It aims to inspire others who might be considering starting their own businesses and to encourage patronage of existing local enterprises.”

Crofts says that the primary purpose behind creating this video series is to spotlight and celebrate the success stories of local businesses within the Municipal District of Taber. 

“It aims to promote these businesses, encourage support from the community, and highlight the benefits of choosing the MD of Taber as a location for starting and growing a business,” said Crofts. “The Municipal of Taber hopes that these videos will create a better understanding of the importance of supporting local businesses. These videos aim to convey the message that local businesses play a vital role in the community’s economic stability, employment opportunities, environmental sustainability, and overall growth. We encourage viewers to recognize the significance of their support in nurturing a thriving local economy. The Municipal District of Taber feels honoured and proud to be a part of the journey toward success for businesses within our community. Being able to support local entrepreneurs and witnessing their growth contributes to the municipality’s vibrancy and economic strength. Overall, initiatives like the ‘Business Success Stories’ series plays a vital role in nurturing a thriving local economy, fostering community connections, and showcasing the unique offerings and talents of businesses within the Municipal District of Taber.” 

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