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Pawparazzi Pet Services launches service in Taber

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Taber Times

By Heather Cameron
Taber Times
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


s of September 2023, Pawparazzi Pet Services is a part of the Taber economy.
Pawparazzi Pet Services offers pet grooming services from a fully equipped home-based pet salon in Taber owned by groomer Anna Hawkins, who many people recognize as the colourful-haired Store Manager at Pet Valu. 

“Pawparazzi offers full grooming services for dogs, and cats, as well as nail trimming for dogs, cats, and small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs,” Hawkins said. 

Since the soft launch in September 2023, Pawparazzi has been booked solid for four weeks at a time. 

“I am now booking new clients into November and December, which is very exciting,” Hawkins said. “The demand for more pet groomers has been a long-term issue in Taber, and people are thrilled to see my brand-new service starting up. I have had a great amount of very positive feedback, enthusiasm, and support from local pet owners, and I already have clients coming to me from as far as Brooks and Lethbridge.”

A typical dog grooming appointment, Hawkins says, includes a deep-cleansing bath in the 50” stainless steel tub with specialty pet shampoo, followed by a coat-conditioning treatment, and then blow-dry. Hawkins says that all pets are de-shedded and line-brushed; nails are trimmed, and ears are cleaned; paw pads can be shaved, and tooth-brushing is available upon request. Hawkins emphasizes that any trimming and/or clipping of the coat is specific to each pet and agreed upon during the consultation at drop-off.

“Each pet has a personalized rate depending on several factors: coat condition, goals for the grooming session, temperament and behaviour, and training,” Hawkins said. “A severely matted animal that is trying to bite me is going to cost significantly more to groom than a calm pet with a well-maintained coat. Grooming services for each pet depend on breed and temperament, as well as the owner’s commitment to your pet’s care in-between grooming sessions. Do you brush your pet regularly at home? Do you practice handling the feet and ears? Does your pet stand patiently while you care for them? Working on these factors at home greatly increases your pet’s success at any grooming salon or veterinarian office. Responsible pet owners make their pet’s health a priority and take steps to ensure their pet’s anxiety and discomfort are considered in any situation. I love working with responsible pet owners who so obviously adore their pets.”

Hawkins said her regular clients are on a VIP program where receive the lowest possible price for their session, because they are on a rotational schedule, which is every five to 10 weeks, and they are maintaining the coat at home in-between grooming appointments. VIP Clients, Hawkins says, always have the next few appointments lined-up on the Pawparazzi grooming calendar, and they pay the lowest maintenance fee for their beloved pet instead of higher chaos and emergency grooming prices. 

“The pet benefits from a regular (grooming) schedule; the coat is in better condition when maintained on a tight schedule, therefore the grooming appointment takes less time and the fee is much lower,” Hawkins said. “Of course, the pet seeing their familiar groomer every four to eight weeks helps to build trust and comfort,” which reduces the amount of stress experienced by the pet. Hawkins says that she also only grooms one pet at a time in a cage-free environment to ensure the pet is as comfortable as possible that that the service is completed in a reasonable amount of time. 

”I sincerely adore animals, so building a relationship of trust with a pet is so important to me,” Hawkins said. “I want my furry clients to recognize that I am not going to accept dangerous behaviour from them, but I am also not trying to cause them any pain, so they have nothing to fear from me.”

“I am an animal-lover and an artist, so the attention to detail involved in pet grooming is very appealing to me,” Hawkins said. “I take great personal satisfaction in providing necessary hands-on care for pets, and I always groom for the health of the animal. I know how important our furry family members are because I have my own beloved furballs, and I strive to treat each client’s pet as if it were my own: with patience and tenderness, and dedication to the pet’s well-being first and foremost. Humanity before vanity, always.”

For more information about Pawparazzi Pet Services or to book services for a pet, visit: or Facebook: @PawparazziPetServicesTaber or call 403 795 2224.

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