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Taber Town Council Sept. 11 briefs

Posted on September 28, 2023 by Taber Times

The following are selected briefs of the Sept. 11 meeting of Taber Town Council.

New Councillor

By-election winner and councillor-elect Dan Remfert was officially sworn in prior to the meeting by attorney Darin Wight.

August 21 Closed Session

The following resolutions were passed at the conclusion of the in camera (closed session) portion of the meeting. 

Investment Incentive Bylaw: Council voted unanimously to direct administration to reaffirm the offer of years 3-5 of the Investment Incentive Bylaw to the Potato Growers of Alberta.

Alberta Community Partnership Grant Application – Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Study

Council voted unanimously to submit the 2023/2024 Alberta Community Partnership Grant Application in support of a Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility study, that would include the Town of Coaldale, and the Municipal District of Taber, and allow the Town of Taber to be the managing partner for the grant project and related compliance requirements. 

The grant application is for $200,000. Key points in the scope of the study include development of a regional collection system network; development of regional wastewater treatment facility requirements; complete an assessment of the Town of Taber’s and surrounding area’s wastewater treatment collection infrastructure and other applicable wastewater collection infrastructure; review of wastewater treatment alternatives; and review of regional collaboration plan.

As stated in the meeting agenda, the justification for the grant application is to “develop regional wastewater treatment facility and collection plan for future area expansion and food processing plants.” 

Trail Users – Memorandum of Understanding

Representatives of the Southern Alberta Trail Riders Association (SATRA) and the Trail 77 user groups spoke on behalf of their respective organizations and presented their shared cooperation between the groups.

Town Administration mediated an agreement with trail user groups within the Town of Taber and created a Memorandum of Understanding for a trial period of one year. This agreement will allow for both groups to enjoy the Taber Trout Pond Recreation Area.

Council voted unanimously to accept the presentation and MOU for information.

Downtown Incentives: Standing Item 136/2023

At the April 24, 2023 Council meeting, the following resolution was made: “Moved by Councillor Firth that Council directs Administration to investigate ways to incentivize downtown property owners to invest, beautify or fill their vacant properties within the downtown core.”

During the Sept. 11 meeting, administration detailed the progress on this initiative thus far:

“Administration has been researching various downtown property incentives that would transfer well to our community. We have the Beautification Program, that is coordinated through Community Futures that is fully subscribed every year. This helps businesses to invest mainly in the appearance of their businesses.”

“The most popular downtown idea at the moment is transforming commercial space into residential spaces. Downtown Calgary is the leader in this with several empty office spaces being converted to residences. The City offers a portion of funding to each conversion project. Our land use bylaw does allow for multi-unit residential, mixed-use developments, live/work units and home occupations.”

“Taber is in a unique position with a number of new commercial spaces set to open over the next few years that will further affect the vacancy rate in our downtown core. This is a project that will require some planning input on what the future of downtown Taber looks like.”

“Administration will continue to research and learn from other municipalities and return to Council with options for downtown plans and incentives.” 

Multi-Family Incentives: Standing Item 196/2023

At the June 12, 2023 Council meeting, the following resolution was made: “Moved by Councillor Sorensen that Council directs Administration to investigate possible grants, subsidies and other incentives to encourage the building of multi-unit residential buildings in the Town of Taber.” 

During the Sept. 11 meeting, administration detailed the progress on this initiative thus far:

“Administration is continually researching various incentives and avenues to assist multi-family residential developers to build. We are in the process of asking both local developers and out of town developers what they would like to see as an incentive for building. There are many options for incentives including tax rebates, discounts on land, free permits and many communities are offering grants towards the building costs.”

“As we continue in this research, we will report our findings back to Council with recommendations and ideas that can be implemented here.”

“Administration is also looking into options for single family or suited home incentives to build the inventory and availability of homes in Taber.” 

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