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Dr. Hamman students look to show off their fine art

Posted on April 6, 2023 by Taber Times

By Ian Croft

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

With Dr. Hamman School implementing more extracurricular fine arts programs it is only natural that the school and the students would want to show off their work. 

Tonight Dr. Hamman School looks to do that with their new Fine Arts Showcase. 

Kimberly Wright, kindergarten and learning support teacher, and one of the choir directors at Dr. Hamman School, outlined what everybody could expect at tonight’s event.

“On April 5, we are inviting school members, community members to come to the school for out Fine Arts Showcase,” said Wright. “What will happen is when people arrive here they can move through the art gallery first. We’ll have all the art from kids in the art club displayed on the walls, and they can move through the gallery and take a look at their work. Then we will invite everyone into the gym. The choir will sing ‘O, Canada’, we will have a little welcome from Alyson Archibald, and the choir will perform the two things that they’ve been working on. One song is called ‘Friend Like You’, the other song is a match up of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, and ‘What a Wonderful World’. When the choir is done, thinking there will be a short intermission and then we’re going to invite students from our Grade 4, 5 drama club to come and perform their play.”

After this, Wright spoke on how this is both the first year of this showcase, as well as being a new annual event for the school since it is merging with their spring concert.

“This is our first year. In years past we’ve done choir. We’ve always had a Dr. Hamman Choir, they performed at the school, and at local events, but this year we really wanted to expand our arts programming beyond what kids get in the classroom. Every student gets art and drama in their classroom that’s part of their curriculum requirement, but we want to offer more for students in an extracurricular way this year. It’s our first time doing a big fine art showcase like this and we’re really excited to bring it to the community. We used to do a Grade 4 and 5 spring concert and so students in Grades 4 and 5, each class would prepare something for the concert, and we’ve changed that into this Fine Arts Showcase. Because the spring concert was an annual thing the showcase will be annual as well.”

Wright also took a moment to discuss how long the Dr. Hamman students were preparing for this showcase.

“Art club has been writing since January, choir we had a little Christmas choir running October to December, but we didn’t start working on the songs to perform at the showcase till about January as well. Same thing with the drama club they start in January. They’ve been putting in a few months of efforts and practises now.”

To end things off Wright spoke on the kid’s excitement for these new programs that they’re offering, as well as their hope that members of the community come out to see this showcase.

“They’re really excited, this is the first time we’ve offered art programs to kids as young as Grade 1, and so it’s really been great for younger students to feel that sense of belonging in these art clubs, and choir,” said Wright. “They’re really excited. The kids that were older, maybe done choir before they’re also really excited, and this is the first time we ever put on a big play style production like this, so the kids involved in drama club are really excited as well. I just hope that everybody comes out and sees it. We’re excited to offer it to people in the community as well as just school family members.”

The Fine Arts Showcase begins at 5:45 p.m.

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