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A living organ donator shares their experience

Posted on March 1, 2023 by Taber Times

By Ian Croft

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Green Shirt Day at the Rink isn’t just dedicated to remembering Logan Boulet, it also highlights other organ donators who helped save other peoples lives. One of the living donators who was the president of the event on Saturday was Kathy Giroux who spoke about why she became a organ donor.

“My dad needed a kidney because his kidneys started to fail and that was in 2002,” said Giroux. “When they (look for donator) they usually go for family members so they will do your brother and sister. His brother was going to do it but he backed out so they started testing us children and the four of us. I was the only one that matched. So you just do it. It’s not a question of should I do that, should I not. It’s just something you do. He did have a heart transplant in 1987. So when my dad passed away, he was the longest living transplant recipient in Canada at that time, and he lived for 28 years with a heart transplant. We had ours, and then my dad passed away, but they say it only lasts 13 years when you kidney transplant. We’ve always been supportive for any organ transplant. It’s something that if your dad needed one or your mom needed one, you don’t hesitate.”

Giroux spoke about what you would say to someone who was on the fence about becoming an organ donor.

“You can save a life. You’re helping someone else. It is a selfless act so I would say, yes, do it. Some people that don’t know say, ‘oh, well maybe my kid needs one, maybe this person needs it down the line,’ but save who you can. Do you want to do what you can for your family member at that time when they need it?”

This was followed by Giroux talking about what she wants to see coming out of this event.

“Hopefully a lot of people to sign up and do it, and I do see a lot of kids now that are signed up which is awesome,” said Giroux. “You gotta make sure that when you do sign up those are your wishes and your family is aware of that.”

Finally Giroux spoke about her life after becoming a living donator.

“I ended up having a child later,” said Giroux. “You still live fine. Life is still the same. You have a limitation to certain things but it doesn’t stop you from living. You’re still the same person.”

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