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Town council reviews reports at Nov. 28 meeting

Posted on December 14, 2022 by Taber Times

By Kenyon Stronski
Taber Times

Coun. Alf Rudd was the first to present his past couple of weeks at Taber’s Nov. 28 regular meeting of council, beginning with saying just how busy they were.

“I attended the first SAKA (Southern Alberta Kanadier Association) meeting as we were invited as a council to send representation, so we were very welcome at that and that went very well. I went to the TCAPS (Taber Community Action and Prevention Society) meeting in which I stood in for a councillor. I tuned in on the Alberta Municipalities webinar on the proposed new replacement for the MSI (Municipal Sustainability Initiative), the Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGFF).”

Rudd praised the webinar, saying it was extremely interesting to listen to the conversation and how Alberta Municipalities was able to form the committee with RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta).

“They were working together, initially trying to come up with a formula for distribution of the money and that didn’t work out, it was just too diverse of needs. There’s $720 million going into the program for distribution and that’s 30 per cent less than they did last year -— $328 million of that is already decided and goes to Calgary and Edmonton and $340 million or 47 per cent goes to the rest of us, and they’re still trying to work out a formula on how to do that. They did come up with some recommendations that they outlined to us on the webinar and what they’re trying to urge the government to do is to take 60 per cent of that to give to the municipalities and the balance will go through the rural communities. Additionally, I also attended the museum meeting and Coffee with Council.”

Coun. Jack Brewin was next up to the plate initially addressing the twinning of Highway 3 and the announcement that took place in Medicine Hat.

“I hope everyone had the chance to read the letter that was sent to us on the twinning of Highway 3. I attended the announcement in Medicine Hat with the rest of the Highway 3 executive committee, and it was a very good announcement. It was reaffirmed that the twinning between Taber and Burdett will be starting this spring. A comment was made that all of Highway 3 will be twinned within the next years, or at least studied. To twin it all within the next ten years would be quite a project, but I did have a very good feeling from it. I did chat with our Premier Danielle Smith for a few minutes and thanked her for all the support she’s been giving Highway 3, so it’s really exciting for southern Alberta to see this highway twinned so it’s really good news for Taber. If there isn’t a link for this on our home page, I think it would be interesting for people to see the exciting news on the highway being twinned.”

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