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June 7, 2023 June 7, 2023

Town of Taber seals twinning agreement with Bondo

Posted on September 7, 2022 by Taber Times

By Kenyon Stronski
Taber Times

Following the Siaya County visit delegation, Mayor Andrew Prokop and John Orwa, Taber’s Director of Finance, returned to tie the bow on information regarding their trip to Siaya County. During town council’s regular meeting on Aug. 15, Prokop detailed some more of the trip.

“We had a security team that was quite unexpected, but very welcome at the same time. We had five heavily armed security members with us at all times when we were in Siaya County, even our locked compound was razor-wired, locked gates, and we had two individuals overnight. Personally, I wasn’t worried about that. Mr. (John) Orwa and I had some discussion prior to getting there and I was not worried about that at all. There’s a fair share that don’t speak English, but there was not one time ever, anywhere, where there was anybody that made mention or comments — mind you, we had this team with us which may have contributed to that. I honestly don’t think there’s any real issue, the governor’s looking after us as best he can and we’re under his charge while we’re in the country, so I understand why they’re going to those lengths. They were good guys, casual, just working guys with fun-loving personalities and they looked after us and showed us a good time. Even wildlife, they have some legitimate trouble with crocodiles and snakes where they told us they’d have to take out, which we never saw either but they were prepared for that as well.”

They would visit a hospital, where Prokop would mention key differences between our health system and theirs. Mentioning there are no doors, just simply hallways with rooms branching off of them.

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