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Enchant subdivision tender approved by M.D. council

Posted on July 6, 2022 by Taber Times

Cole Parkinson
Taber Times

A new subdivision is coming to the hamlet of Enchant later this year.
The Municipal District of Taber received seven total bids for the project ranging from just over $1 million to over $2 million, and council was able to review the bids during their special meeting on June 9. Total quotes including contingency and GST came from East Butte Contracting ($1,084,350.41), Silver Ridge Construction ($1,158,519), McNally Contractors ($1,247,526.57), Jenex Contracting ($1,329,182.66), Brooks Asphalt and Aggregate ($1,515,247.68), Groundtech Enterprises ($1,5443,575.20), and White Fox Group Ltd. ($2,048,940.55).
“We had the tender for the Enchant subdivision close yesterday (June 8). Seven bids were received and the lowest bid was East Butte Contracting,” added Corey Greene, infrastructure program manager.
“Sidewalks, paved roads, all utilities into the lots?” asked Reeve Merrill Harris.
“There will be gas underground, everything else is above ground,” answered Greene.
At the moment, Enchant only has a handful of lots left from the previous subdivision and once those are sold, no vacant residential lots would be available. The previous work was designed by Due South, but due to the timeframe to complete stage two, and Due South no longer in operation, a new consultant was hired to finish the last phase of construction.
“I think it was $45,000 to $55,000 a lot?” asked Harris.
“We’re aiming to be under $50,000. We’ll see where it all comes in,” replied Greene.
As far as prices when the subdivision is fully completed, council inquired as to where administration envisioned that would sit.
“What might the lot price be when it comes to sale time or would it depend on if we stay in that $50,000 or $55,000 range, would we be selling them at cost?” asked Coun. John Turcato.
“I believe we’re going to try and sell them for cost,” stated Greene,
It was further explained lot prices would come back to council for a final decision later in the year.
“Ultimately, it’s going to be endorsed by council, whatever the sale price is, so council will decide whether they want to tack on plus with regard to cost or whether they want to subsidize,” stated CAO Arlos Crofts.
Others on council also chimed in with what they thought of proceeding with the subdivision within Enchant.
“I did ask what we had sold the last subdivision lots for, and thank you for providing that, the recent ones are priced at $28,877 and now they will be priced between $45 and $50,000. Trying to keep it under $50,000, but we do know costs have gone up. I was quite surprised to see the difference,” said Deputy Reeve Tamara Miyanaga.
It was also asked when the previous subdivision was completed in the hamlet, which administration stated it was around 10 to 15 years ago.
“If we base it on what the other costs are, we’re not far off what normal inflation or consultation is. I just wanted to make sure we weren’t way out there trying to sell a lot,” stated Miyanaga.
“I thought they were low in comparison to what it cost to do the Grassy Lake ones and I thought these are low. That’s why I asked the question if it was paved, sidewalks, and all of that,” added Harris.
Greene also added the alleys would all be gravel and not paved. He also stated the M.D. had worked with East Butte Contracting on the Vauxhall rest stop. A question was also asked about when the subdivision would be completed.
“I’ve got a completion date of November 15 on this,” answered Greene.
A motion to approve the lowest tender price as submitted by East Butte Contracting was carried. by council.

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