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Town of Taber council Jan. 10 briefs

Posted on January 19, 2022 by Taber Times

By Kenyon Stronski
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The following are selected briefs from the Jan. 10 regular meeting.

Taber Municipal Police Commission Logo Request

Back on Dec. 1, the Taber Police Commission met and passed a resolution to submit a draft logo to council for their approval to use Taber’s heraldic design elements on their new logo. This was passed so the Police Commission could be recognized as part of both the town and police force, but also easily differentiated between the two.

“The Police Commission would like to begin to use a portion of the town’s logo in their own, namely the crest and the shield,” said Administrative Services Manager Kerry Van Ham. “The town would need to authorize that, and from the letter from the chair they wish to use both colours and logos.”

Coun. Alf Rudd agreed there should be no issues with using the town’s symbols, and said he was in favour of the vote.

Coun. Joanne Sorensen also added, “The commission was using the town’s police logo initially but they did feel the need to differentiate between the commission and the force itself.”

A motion for council to grant the Taber Municipal Police Commission the use of the town’s official Heraldic Shield as part of the design of their logo was started and passed unanimously.

Standing Item Council Requests

Coun. Monica McLean began discussion by inquiring about the feasibility of having bathrooms or porte-potties at parks or playgrounds within the town.

“I know for some people, especially those with kids, it’s hard to run home. And rather than getting there and scrambling, I was wondering if that was a possibility. I have little kids and I take them all around town and sometimes I just have trouble trying to find a bathroom if needed. Even during school hours and if the school is open I don’t try and intrude, and then they’re closed after hours.”

Chief Administrative Officer Derrin Thibault said it would be possible for administration to look into that on a bunch of different levels.

“I’m not sure what the ask is specifically, but if you were to make one we could definitely look into parks, multiple parks, bathroom or porte-potties, whatever is available.”

McLean said she would look into parks and playgrounds that could benefit and will bring back information for the next meeting. The next standing item was brought forth by Rudd, who noted an email was sent in regarding a lot of property located on 56 Ave on the north side of town.

“This is specifically the undeveloped land on the south-side of 56 Street North. There was some work done up there replacing lawns, but everything done was temporary and when you go and look at it, it’s a very scrub-like surface and I don’t think it’ll support much vegetation. I think that maybe if we could assist with that, it’ll cut down on all the dust and blowing. I know council has dealt with it before, but maybe if we could get an update on that or if anything has been proposed.”

Director of Engineering and Public Works Gary Scherer was the one to respond, confirming there was a snow fence up there last year that didn’t offer any protection or help, and they did get the contractor to seed the area.

“We can’t stop the west wind. It’ll blow in and take dust from the farmers fields. I can assure that everything there that could be seeded, has been seeded. Most of it has germinated, some in the ditches may not have, but quite a bit in the open properties has been seeded and germinated last summer”

Coun. Garth Bekkering also added he had been contacted by the individual as well, and commented that since there is development happening — there will be dust. However, with the drought, the dust may be worse, and the germination may not have been as successful. However, there is also the concern with bylaw enforcement as dust and snow has to be cleared.

“I did see the seeding, and the germination looks like it’s been rather sparse. I think we should do more if possible and support it until there’s a better root network,” said Rudd.

Scherer agreed, and recommended to wait until spring to see some more growth until making a decision.

A motion was started for administration to further investigate the land to insure appropriate germination and for the land to be monitored through spring and the growing season. This motion was carried unanimously.

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