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Do not be fooled

Posted on January 11, 2024 by Taber Times

Her (Premier Danielle Smith) latest act of manipulation is to mess with our pension. I am a senior who has paid into the pension plan for the last 60 years, it belongs to “US” the pensioners! It is not hers to play with or be part of her ulterior plans and motives.

Pay attention, she is still having back door meetings with coal mining companies, hoping to reactivate that environmental horror.

She isn’t actually trying to improve our health system debacle, but instead, shop it into pieces to the point where there will be no hope of getting the improvements that we really need.

I remember when she first showed up on the screen. All her talk about sovereignty rights when what she really meant was her hope was to get Alberta to separate.

Now her latest wild ideas are creating division in our country with Alberta as the target of other provinces. Who does that sound like to you?

You are providing not to be a friend or help to Alberta, you care only about your own personal agenda. If you are so unhappy with our province and country as a whole, we do not have a border wall and you are free to take you cry ideas with you.

Leslie Taggart, Coaldale

2 Responses to “Do not be fooled”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Leslie you have nailed it. The true conservatives in my world have had enough of her stupid lies and after living in 10 different towns in rural Alberta I am very disappointed in why rural Albertans elected her when there is absolutely nothing conservative about her. Thanks to the stupidity of taking the protection off our mountains to stop coal mining that Lougheed was smart enough to put on now we find ourselves being sued by five coal mining companies to the tune of $8 billion and we find that she wasted $75 million on children’s pain medicine when there was a shortage a year ago . Trying to outsmart Trudeau she found it smart to buy it from Turkey and it’s been proven unsafe and she can’t get rid of it and Albertans are left on the hook for paying for it.

    • Fedup Conservative says:

      Our friends and I are in our 80s and 90s and our biggest fear from our senior friends is that if she got control of our Canada Pension Plan she will use it against us and stop providing it. We know that we are receiving far more than we ever paid into it and with what she is giving away to her rich friends in royalties and taxes she will never be able afford to keep paying us like Ottawa has been able to do.

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