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The purpose of human life

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Taber Times

Dear Editor,

What is the meaning and purpose in life.   May I try to explain the journey of my life ?  Here goes, I grew up in a family, Mom, Dad 7 children, I was number 3 . I was 7 years old when the Second World War broke out, and 13 when it ended, a very stressful time, but the family bond was very important and helpful. Also faith life was very evident, in all the stress of life people turned to God. Our family very involved in Church life. At my age 16, our Family Immigrated to Canada. I found several different jobs, was never without work. I found the leading and accepted God in my life, and am very thankful to Him for that. At age 22 found and married the love of my life Lena, together were blessed with 5 children. In 1958 we were able to start farming , the business we loved. Without Lena and the children could never have done it. 50 years later the Boys took over. We were always very involved in Church, Schools and Community. About 4 years ago Lena went home to be with her Lord,  looking back at life, Lena was always loving and caring, for Me, Children, Grand and Greatgrands, I seen Her inner joy and she felt  blessed. It is after we depart from a loved one, that realize how blessed we were. Did we not have any bumps in the road, yes we certainly did, but when one has the family unit support, makes a whale of a difference. And Lena after a hailstorm in life always helped lead us and take it to the Lord in prayer. So what was the purpose in our lives ?  No it was not the end of life when we were in that casket , it is the beginning of a new one. 

Hans Visser, Taber

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