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Poilievre is right where he needs to be

Posted on March 23, 2023 by Taber Times

Dear Editor:

In referring to last week’s letter to the editor, “More statesmanship needed from Poilievre”, my humble assessment is, “Don’t let up”, “Put the pedal to the metal”!

Mr. Scheer, the statesman, could not win the East, a good moral, intelligent man, but he could not challenge Trudeau’s charisma!

Mr. O’Toole, starting out as a true blue conservative soon showed his leftist colours and became a rudderless ship that heeded to every whim of Trudeau’s criticisms and his vessel sunk in the political waves of red propaganda.

We are currently ruled by a PM who is intrigued by communism, controlled by the World Economic Forum along with half his cabinet, has buried us in debt, removes those who thought differently than himself in Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, Admiral Norman, Major General Fortin and many others who had an ethical backbone and hindered his way to dictatorial prominence.

Statesmanship will not hold Trudeau to accountibility! Trudeau will not be able to sustain any innocence in an election debate with Poilievre because his past is so corrupt! If Poilievre were to become “the statesman” now, it would mean political suicide, and Canada can not afford another term of Trudeauism! Lead on Pierre!

Brooks Husband

One response to “Poilievre is right where he needs to be”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    So you enjoy supporting Reformers, pretending that they are conservatives. Don’t care that they support criminals like the ones in the Truckers Convoy and don’t care that they cost taxpayers $65 million by their actions. You don’t care that Trudeau has tried to take the assault rifles and handguns out of the hands of criminals to protect us from the type of gun violence in the U.S, while these Reformers in keeping with the American Republican Party stupidity want to give them the right to bare arms. You don’t care that they want to force our children into a privatization of health care and education systems. you don’t care that they want to kick out the RCMP at a huge cost to taxpayers. they true conservatives in my world see Poilievre as just another damn Reformer trying to destroy everything conservatives have created for us and we have no intention of bashing Trudeau for helping to save Albertans and our oil industry over the past few years. We trust him a lot more than a Reformer who has already promised to destroy jobs, not create them. Maybe you had better google this it proves Trudeau is our hero.
    “Alberta received more funds from feds than from revenues for first time in decades’

    We don’t believe the lies that these Reformers are spreading we look at the facts, so why don’t you?

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