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More statesmanship needed from Poilievre

Posted on March 15, 2023 by Taber Times

Dear Editor:

I am a supportive member of the Conservative Party of Canada. However, I disapprove of the tactics the leader and his advisers have designed in their attempts to bring down the Liberals/NDP and elevate the Conservatives.

As Pierre Poilievre is the leader and mouthpiece of the Conservatives we look to him for direction and strategy in strengthening our position for a convincing win in the next election. His major and often his only tactic seems to be that of attack and attack. When Mr. Poilievre is asked a question about his own party’s doings, he turns on Mr. Trudeau and points out him and his party’s failures. If this were to happen once and a while, we could understand, but when it is constant, it begins to grind upon us and we begin to wonder if we chose the right leader from among the candidates that earlier vied for the leadership.

Why doesn’t he cordially answer the questions presented to him instead of turning on his opponents and accuse them of some weakness or failure? Canadians are compassionate people; they are also perceptive. They may not like the policies of the Liberals/NDP, but when that two party alignment is viciously attacked again and again, sympathies begin to turn to them and away from Pierre, and finally at the ballot box vote for them instead of the Conservatives.

Let’s not be surprised if that happens unless Pierre Poilievre begins to behave like the statesman we Canadians want him to be when election time comes. We acknowledge his ability to express himself clearly. We also observe that he understands well the needs and wants of his country’s constituents. We want him to be our leader, but through a projection of respect and decency towards his adversaries he needs to win the minds and hearts of his countrymen. 

Ray Sheen, Taber

2 Responses to “More statesmanship needed from Poilievre”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Ray All us conservatives feel the same way and as I learned from the former MLAs during the Lougheed days, when Lougheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles these are not conservatives these are Reformers and you can’t trust them. They destroy jobs, not create them, they help the rich steal our oil and tax wealth, while spreading their lies about Ottawa stealing our money when they are the ones giving it away, and that’s exactly what we have seen starting with Ralph Klein. They never have a solution to any problem they just blame it on someone else and that’s what Poilievre is doing.
    Those of us from the world of finance estimate that Albertans have lost $975 billion and Smith is promising to give away another $20 billion. To make up for her give away is promoting health care User Fees that will be a disaster for us seniors. Oilman state that while they brag about our $12 billion royalty gain, under Lougheed it would have been about $36 billion, we are still being cheated.

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    In true Reform Party fashion Poilievre has also promised if elected to destroy the careers of 7,500 Canadians by scraping the CBC and will fire the head of the Bank of Canada, trying to blame him for an international Cost of Living increase that he had nothing to do with, just like his pal Danielle Smith who found it smart to blame the terrible handling of Covid on health care workers so she fired them. As the MLAs pointed out to me they try to destroy everything the conservatives created and are the worse enemy the people could have and I agree.

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