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Reader shocked by recycling costs

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Taber Times

Per the article in the May 14th edition of the Taber Times, front page: Recycling costs higher than expected:

After reading this article, I have to admit that I am somewhat horrified at the costs being paid for recycling.

Also, missing from this article is any mention whatsoever of Taber Special Needs.

As a home owning taxpayer of this wonderful town, I am very curious as to how the relationship between Taber Special Needs and the recycling depot works. I would like to see the Town of Taber give a proper accounting of the fees for the depot with that relationship taken in to account.

Personally, if we’re costing the Town $15k+ a month for recycling, I’d rather just cart my recycling in to Lethbridge when I go in to the city now & then, rather than have that amount of ‘let’s just soak it up’ debt.

$15k can fix a few of those crater-sized potholes perhaps? In any regard, I implore the Town of Taber to have a more in-depth accounting of how the recycling centre works. Maybe it doesn’t work at all, but I am not comfortable with Coun. Sparks’ flippant comment of ‘just suck it up’, a phrase that belongs in a school playground, not in my tax dollars.


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