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Volunteers needed for soccer

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Taber Times

Recently I “retired” as President of Taber and District Soccer. Ten years ago I was talked into helping.

Partly I agreed to help out so my child could enjoy soccer. Mostly, I just wanted to get my turn done early. I remember learning how to “direct” all the other 6&7 year olds for a season, not as difficult as I thought. I remember helping all of the fabulous, self-less people who stepped up to coach just so kids could play. Some had skill, some had heart.

Most had both and all were appreciated. What fantastic people I’ve been privileged to work with, learn from and come to know through the years on the fields and behind the scenes!  

In my reflections, I’m drawn further back to my playing days. So many people worked hard to make soccer available to me. For the most part, I wouldn’t have a clue who they were.

I am, however, truly grateful for all the work they did way back when for me. I realize no child will likely remember me either. Yet in my heart, I know I helped give some children some great soccer years, hopefully as rewarding and enjoyable as mine were as a child.

I guess that’s my point in writing this letter. We all need to do our part in this community so that children can grow, learn and enjoy things. Without the volunteers, it just can’t happen.

So, I ask each of you, are you doing your part? For instance, when you sign your child up, are you thinking how you can help the season be a success? Did you stop to think if you could coach this year, or at least help someone else? Is it your turn?

To be even bolder, did you consider taking your turn at the organizational wheel? To provide a season of soccer to this community, every job needs doing, not by the same person. Long after their own children are grown, some are still doing their part…waiting for someone else to step up.

Yet sometimes, that someone is no-one. For example, we’ve been looking for a referee co-director for 2 years. Everyone must be thinking that it’s someone else’s turn. What if that someone is you? How do you expect officials to show up at your child’s game without a director? Which brings up the hot topic of the under-appreciated and much abused referee.

We desperately need mature officials. I know, you don’t have time and likely have a full-time job and numerous other reasons why you can’t.

But, remember when you were a child playing soccer? You enjoyed many a game with some official running right alongside of you. You may or may not remember their face, but I would hazard a bet that they also had a job and numerous other commitments. It was important for them to make time and put their skills to use so some children could enjoy a game of soccer. It still is important! Although I’ve retired as President, I still love soccer, children and this town.

There’s still work to be done. I look forward to continued involvement with such a terrific organization, hopefully at a reduced level. Won’t you join us?

Jessica Van Bostelen

Past President, Taber & District Soccer Association

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