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Stop animal abuse

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Taber Times

Last week while watching the news, the newscaster talked about a husky and a cat with their muzzles taped up. Both were dead.

This week, a black lab was shot and beaten in our area. It was mentioned by the RCMP that cruelty to animals in our area are rare.

How wrong you are.

I have been trying to get someone to listen about black lab tied to a 3-4 foot piece of cord in the middle of summer; thirty degree heat with no shade, no food, and no water. This winter, in extreme cold, the lab is outside. Is this not animal abuse? It probably will be when the lab dies.

We may never know because the owner could go bury him or just throw him away like you do to trash.

This animal is not trash, and neither is any other animal. They have feelings and they feel pain.

I have contacted the police, bylaw officers, and the humane society, who told me to contact the SPCA. Twice I have phoned them within four weeks. The bylaw officer told me there was a lot of animal abuse in this area. Why are the people not speaking out when they see animal abuse?

Animals do not have a voice. We are the voice for them. I hope we never forget about the husky, the cat, and the black lab. STEP UP and save an animal from abuse.

Tell everyone who will listen that we will not put up with any kind of abuse, may it be animal, child, or bullying.


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