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Sports abuse reversed

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Taber Times

Recently the Times had an article about abuse of officials written by an executive from minor sports. The view is looking in the wrong direction. Good officials do not suffer abuse because they have respect and ability to stop same should some gifted fan chose to go there.

Watching youth sports for a number of years I would estimate that the participating youth suffer 10 times the abuse from poor officiating. In today’s world everyone is becoming a victim of something. Coaches and team managers suffer far greater abuse and were it not for their love of the game and youth we would not have sports, thus not need officials. It is a mystery how we can provide excellent facilities, equipment and travel but are unable to provide the same level in officiating; nor do we have a mechanism to rectify the problem.

An apology to all officials who like coaches are there for the love of the game and youth and do an excellent job. Youth participating in all sports have only officials to protect them. This is not always so and must be addressed.


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