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Compromise needed in school prayer debate

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Taber Times

It has come to our attention that the daily recital of the Lord’s Prayer has been stopped at the Dr. Hamman School, due to the objection of one parent of a student in the school.

We are certain that we all live in a democratic society and that the majority rules in all decisions. We have been informed that this decision was not taken to all the parents for consideration and that no other alternatives were discussed.

We do understand that there are other beliefs or non-beliefs and these should be taken into consideration, as well. Growing up we also said the Lord’s Prayer everyday and those that did not wish to participate were given the option to leave the room or stay quiet while the prayer was being recited.

It is all well and good to respect other people’s beliefs, however what about those that wish to have the prayer recited? Are they not considered at all?

I do believe there can be a compromise made by having the teachers recite the prayer in their classrooms and have the other students that do not wish to participate report to a classroom at the start of school and then they would not be party to the prayer at all. At the finish of the prayers they could return to their classroom. We would suggest that this all be discussed with the students and clear up any confusion as to why these arrangements have been made.

Open discussion of this topic will help to clear up any confusion.

This is only one option to alleviate this situation and I am sure that more options could be discussed with all those who are involved at the school.

It is also a concern that other activities such as Christmas concerts, Easter, etc. will also be affected, if one parent comes forward and objects to them. Then all the other students will suffer because of it.

We are taxpayers and contribute to the public school system. We feel we should have a say as to how the schools are run due to this payment of taxes. At the very least the parents of the students should all have a say in what happens at the school, not just one parent.

We urge you to give this matter a lot more consideration and due process before any final actions are taken.


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