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Letters to the Editor Feb. 1

Posted on February 1, 2023 by Taber Times

How did we arrive in this dilemma?

Dear Editor,

During our Sunday church service, we had a presentation from a member of the Taber Food Bank about the increase of people coming for food. Our media is also ringing the alarm bell about many people using the food banks for food, even in Alberta where we grow an abundance of all kinds of food. How did we arrive in that dilemma? I grew up in the 30s in a small vegetable growing area in Holland. My mom, dad, and seven children — financially we were very poor, but yet we always had three meals a day. Mom and dad were always very busy, and us kids had lots of chores in and outside our home. But along with all the life challenges, we had a bond together as a family, and Sundays were always family gatherings and church.

Then in 1940, Hitler declared war on our small country, after bombing the city of Rotterdam, Holland capitulated, and our freedom was taken away for five years — very scary times. The older I become, the more I see the value in the family unit. Motherhood is so precious, dads in family leadership roles. Families are the building block of a strong society. That is where you and I come in to care for our neighbours, including food banks. But now, after decades of strong family units, we seem to have arrived in a time of sexual revolution, in many cases we don’t know who we are anymore, abandoned God as a guide in our society.

Did that bring happiness in our society? Maybe if we allow people to use some mind altering drug, will that make them feel more content? Was that perhaps the gate to the drug overdose epidemic? But yet with all this there is still hope, ask him to come into your heart. Also, we are so blessed in our community of Taber, family and friends, our choice of schools, and churches, our hospital senior homes with all their dedicated staff. The old Hymn states it so well “Praise God from whom blessings flow.” Your fellow citizen of our awesome Town of Taber.

Hans Visser,


2 Responses to “Letters to the Editor Feb. 1”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Well Hans. It isn’t hard to understand when we have a phony conservative government helping the rich steal our oil and tax wealth like these Reformers have been doing since the Ralph Klein days and as long as gullible Albertans continue to believe their lies and keep electing them it will continue and get even worse. There is nothing conservative about any of them and Pierre Poilievre has already promised to destroy the CBC and put another 7,500 Canadians out of work, like we have seen them do and you can bet he will try to privatize our health care system like they have been promising to do since day one. When Harper tried it Canadians kicked him out. Firing people they don’t like, fore going against their beliefs is what they do best, like Smith has done. Trying to blame doctors for daring to suggest that vaccines save lives is just plain stupid. This hasn’t happened in any other oil rich area and it should never have happened here.

    • Fedup Conservative says:

      Those of from the world of finance, 32 years with the Royal Bank for me estimate that Albertans have lost at least $800. Billion in oil, gas royalties and corporate tax revenues thanks to what these Reformers have done to us, and we have to get it stopped. We certainly need your help to make it happen. We owe it to our children whose future is being destroyed. While Alberta produces twice as much oil as the other two combined Norway has $1.19 trillion in their savings account, and Alaska $75 billion in theirs and we have a pathetic $16.3 billion. In Alaska every man , woman, and child has received some $46,000. each in total annual oil dividend cheques since 1982 and in fact they have received some $4,200. in the past 3 years. They pay no state taxes and their property taxes are next to nothing. So giving us $600. is a farce. Google The Alaska Permanent Fund if you don’t believe me.

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