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Putin and the Kremlin continue to double-down on wild, embarrassing claims

Posted on November 2, 2022 by Taber Times

The world is watching, and Russia is failing.

Even though President Vladimir Putin would say it’s a ‘special military operation’, we’ll call it what it is, a war. A war that Russia was so woefully and hopelessly under equipped and prepared for, it led to the nearly global embarrassment of Putin and the Kremlin as a whole. The thing with this war, however, is it’s a war between two advanced nations – Russia and a NATO backed Ukraine – and that leads to there being an incredible amount of frontline footage.

Through research on the topic, we’ve seen videos shot by Russian soldiers that showcase many things, like frontline soldiers speaking out against the war, nearly rusted-out Kalashnikov rifles (the main service rifle of the Russians) and claims they weren’t even trained – simply picked up on a bus and sent to the front. It’s hard to say whether the information’s true or false, as it’s coming from random videos released everywhere online, but, we think there could be some credence to the claims.

There’s a lot of scrutinizing eyes on the war, and with good reason. This is the first time two developed nations have clashed on this scale since the Second World War and it’s a very, very big deal.

On Thursday, Oct. 27 a United Nations Security Council meeting was called where Russia doubled down on its claim that the United States has military biological programmes in Ukraine. This accusation led the United Kingdom Ambassador Barbara Woodward to say, “The Russian Federation has repeatedly spread disinformation including wild claims involving dirty bombs, chemical weapons. How much more of this nonsense do we have to endure?”

The United States Ambassador, Linda Thomas Greenfield said she’ll keep her remarks short as, “frankly this meeting is a waste of everyone’s time.” Subsequently claiming Russia’s remarks are, “pure fabrications brought forth without a shred of evidence, and I would even venture to say the Russian delegation knows these charges are fabricated but they dutifully carry out marching orders from President Putin. (…) I’m glad this council has the chance to see Russia’s disinformation campaign for what it is – an attempt to distract from the atrocities Russia’s forces are carrying out in Ukraine in a desperate tactic to justify an unjustifiable war.”

On the world stage, Russia’s running out of friends, and everyones running out of patience.

So where does that leave us? Well, Ukraine has continually gained ground over the past couple months and now they’re pushing troops into territories Russia annexed back in 2014. As far as Ukraine’s concerned, things on the ground are going extremely well. On the world stage, though, accusations are flying left and right and it’s nearly impossible to make sense of it all.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, Putin went on record to say Russia will not be using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and instead pointed that same gun at Ukraine, claiming Ukraine will use radioactive waste to launch a dirty bomb attack to pin on Russia. The political speech is tiring, and the bickering and ‘he did this’ the politicians are throwing around is trying at best.

Tensions in the world are high right now, and the chain holding the delicate balance of the world together is starting to look closer and closer to snapping.

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