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Letters to the Editor Oct. 26

Posted on October 26, 2022 by Taber Times

Response to Oct. 12 Taber Times editorial

Dear Editor:

re: Pro-life more cons than pros? Regarding the first concern, “a fertilized egg not properly connecting to the uterus” or the development of an embryo outside of the womb, called an ectopic pregnancy, is indeed a serious situation which could cause the death of the mother. See

The medical or surgical treatment necessary for this diagnosis is not a voluntary abortion with intent to end the life of the child, but, rather, to save the life of the mother. Regarding the second concern, “childbirth itself is also a complex and sometimes dangerous process”. The goal in this situation is to do everything to manage the survival of both mother and child. Regarding the third concern, rape. This is indeed a very traumatic event for the women, but the child need not suffer the punishment of extermination. The woman needs support- mentally, emotionally, medically, physically.

There are many testimonies of women who carried their babies to term and either parented the child with much love or provided the child with adoption. Regarding the concern about pro-life group’s lack of resources for new or single mothers and born children, please research Pregnancy Care Centres. They often provide assistance and referrals for medical care and community resources to mother before birth and after birth, including physical supports of maternal and baby clothes and supplies, emotional support, prenatal and parenting education and much more, even Maternity homes in some locations.

Besides that, numerous foster parents, adoptive parents of special needs children, volunteers at orphanages, people who give respite to young mothers and others in need do so because they are pro-life.

I believe that every child is a unique individual, created by the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth, and it is our responsibility, as individuals and a society, to counsel every woman dealing with an unexpected/unplanned pregnancy to make the best life choice for two, both the mother and the child, and to walk alongside them with assistance in the days and years following.

Val Beukema,


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