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Letters to the Editor May 25

Posted on May 25, 2022 by Taber Times

Lessons learned from Kenney resignation

Dear Editor,

It seems to me, there is a lesson to be learned in Jason Kenney’s resignation. Alberta is traditionally conservative — it’s in our bones, and in our soil — but we are NOT right-wing extremists. “Business” is important in any prosperous place, but so is the place and it’s people. We can be “led” — we will not be “ruled”. This place knows itself. It knows what’s important in life and we know how we want to get there. If any would “lead” this place, this people… They had better pay attention to recent history.

Jim Stone

Response to last week’s editorial

Dear Taber Times opinion and Prime Minister Trudeau,

You two were too young to remember, but there was a day when your little hearts started beating in the safety of your mom’s womb. Looking back, aren’t you both elated that nobody stopped your little hearts from beating? Yes, I would think so.

Hans Visser

One response to “Letters to the Editor May 25”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Great comments Jim . We are definitely conservatives but are not Right Wing extremists like these Reformers want us to be. You would never have seen Peter Lougheed treating our doctors, nurses , teachers and students this way. While they help the rich steal our oil ant tax wealth they try to force us into a lot more privatization like Klein did and Kenney is doing. It was a lot smarter to collect proper royalties and taxes and run this province properly like Lougheed did and Norway and Alaska are doing. Watching them put this province in financial ruin when we should be rolling in oil wealth was sickening for those of us from the world of finance to watch, it should never have happened. Every lawyer, accountant, oilman , banker and former MLA from the Lougheed era who we have talked to agrees.

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