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Letters to the Editor March 2

Posted on March 2, 2022 by Taber Times

Russia invading Ukraine shows similarities to past events

Dear Editor:

In my Letter to the Editor last week (Feb. 23 edition, Letter to the Editor titled ‘Responsibilities of Freedom’), I addressed the topic of freedom and made a statement: “We don’t know what freedom is until we really lose it.” In my case, it was in the Netherlands. We lost it between 1940 and 1945 when the Nazis bombed Rotterdam — what a terrible thing of pain and destruction.

Now, Putin’s Russia is doing the same devastating destruction to Ukraine. A country with a democratic elected government. My wife, Lena and I, and a group visited that country in 1994, and made some awesome friends. We shared our faith and prayed “lead me, guide me along the way, for if you lead me, I cannot go astray.”

Now, I am wondering what is happening to them while their cities are being bombed. Their precious freedom has been taken away. May the world show much compassion and help them, and may god have mercy on them.

Hans Visser,


Response to last week’s Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I read Mr. Visser’s Letter to the Editor in the Feb. 23 edition. I strongly agree with his perception, especially that “freedom brings with it responsibility to adhere to a democratically elected government.” We may not always agree with our federal or provincial counterparts, but must go along with the majority in an elected system.

So true the statement: “We are encouraged, but not forced to be vaccinated.” I love Canada, I love Alberta. I do not understand the flying of Canada/Alberta flags representing lack of freedom and protesting getting vaccinated.

An extremely good Letter to the Editor also appeared in the Feb. 17 edition of the Western Producer newspaper by Mr. Ed Donkersgoed of Coaldale that all Canadians should find and read. Both he and Mr. Visser I’m very proud of. Most of us are first to third generation Canadians and very proud to be citizens. Think about war torn Europe in the last 150 years.

Bill Tverkutes,


Ottawa protests were peaceful

Dear Editor:

I was extremely impressed with the truckers and other protesters who were peacefully protesting in Ottawa. Yes, they were noisy and caused some inconvenience, but they were always peaceful and the Parliament buildings belong to all Canadians. The protesters kept their cool and did not commit any violence. I feel that the protesters were severely baited by some of the police several times — against women, old men, veterans, and even a person confined to a wheelchair.

Some examples: a woman was run over by horses used by the police. She was severely injured with a broken collar bone and lacerations; a woman was pepper-sprayed in the face;  an older man was pulled from his car, pushed to the pavement, manhandled and then handcuffed;  several Veterans were pushed to the pavement, then kicked when they were down; a man was pulled very roughly out of his wheelchair, then roughed up, and so on. None of these incidents caused the protesters to fight back. Amazing.

After viewing many videos (yes people all have cameras on their phones now) taken by people at the site, I am convinced that the only violence came from the police, not from the protesters. Police are supposed to protect, not bait and harass so as to provoke violence.

These incidents and many more have all been captured by phone videos. I feel that this was deliberate baiting by the police in order to provoke violence so that the Trudeau government could justify the use of the Emergency Measures Act.

I am extremely disappointed that CTV and CBC, along with other media, did not and do not have the fortitude to tell the whole truth at what really happened and what is still happening in Canada.

Journalists should be impartial when reporting the news, not just picking and choosing sides.

Jim Wickenheiser,


2 Responses to “Letters to the Editor March 2”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Does supporting these right wing extremists creating a nightmare for the 90% of truckers just try to do their jobs make Jim Wickenheiser feel like a hero? He is no hero in our minds and likely should have been fined. Although we are not fans of Trudeau . The true conservatives in our world think Trudeau was a hero for the way he handled it. What would have happened if these weapons had been taken to Ottawa and one of these lunatics had opened fire on the crowd like we saw in Las Vegas ?
    I would suggest everyone google the videos of Pat king and listen to this lunatic.

    • Fedup Conservative says:

      When you have a stupid senior right on camera bragging that “We have guns and we know how to use them” literally telling the police how stupid he is. Another stupid senior saying “We are going to storm parliament like they did the Whitehouse” once again making a damn fool of himself. You soon learn how dumb these people really are.

      With all the whining going on about Trudeau Albertans had better be thankful he is in power and not these damn Reformers. He has poured billions into Alberta to save us during this pandemic and this oil crash.
      Of course this phoney conservative,Refomer, Jason Kenney runs to Trudeau every time he needs help.

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