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Letters to the Editor Feb. 16

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Taber Times

RCMP breaking the law with disabling excavators

Dear Editor:

During the protests down at Coutts border there were three excavators parked on private property. They were found sabotaged — fuel lines had spray foam in them, hydraulic lines had spray foam in them, battery cables were cut, control box cables were cut, filters were taken, and various other electrical lines were cut. These vehicles are not cheap to fix. The RCMP has said they had the vehicles sabotaged as they may be used in a criminal act, well if that is all you need to sabotage a vehicle is that it may be used in a criminal act, I guess all of our vehicles are now targets for the RCMP as any vehicle could be used for a criminal act.

I know if I sabotaged these vehicles I would be in jail for it. I am demanding the RCMP arrest the officers that sabotaged the excavators and the officers that told them to. As these people should not be allowed to enforce the law. The RCMP must be held accountable. These officers need to lose their jobs and go to jail. Anything else is not acceptable. Do we want criminals enforcing the laws they do not obey?

There is another option and that is for Alberta to remove the RCMP and start an Alberta Police Force that will be held accountable if there officers did something so Illegal.

I call on the people of Alberta to call your local mayors/councillors/MLAs and demand justice prevail.  These RCMP officers must be held to account for their illegal activities or they must leave the province and we must get an Alberta Police Force, that will be held accountable if they break the law.

Troy Savinkoff, a corporal with the RCMP, confirmed they “disabled” (really  sabotaged) three excavators as they may be used in the blockade. Does this mean any trucker flying Canadian flags and just heading towards a protest can be stopped and have their vehicle “disabled” like they did with the excavators?

This is not the free country I grew up in. Police are to enforce laws, not break them.

Paul Thomas,


Disagreement over Feb. 9 editorial

Dear Editor:

I totally disagree with the opinion raised in this piece. There is a huge difference between saying no to abortion and saying no to a COVID vaccine. Abortion directly involves the murder of another defenceless human being. Depending on your opinion, a COVID vaccine directly affects just one person, you. Indirectly, the effects are debatable. You say ‘why can’t a woman choose what happens to her body?’

She makes a choice when she chooses to have a sexual relationship with the potential consequences of creating another human being. That’s a choice.

No hypocrisy saying no to abortion and no to the COVID vaccine, they are not the same.

Sandra van Hornsveld

Jason Kenney not the right man for the job

Dear Editor:

After spending many years working and living in rural Alberta as a member of the Royal Bank, I find it very disturbing that so many farmers and ranchers are finding it smart to let these right- wing extremists make fools of them. I see Jason Kenney treating you like morons , so why are you letting him? Not only has he tried to destroy your health care system, destroy our mountains and your water supply, he wants to kick out your RCMP officers who have proven time and time again that they are invaluable.

It was very disappointing to see all these tractors at this Coutts blockade that could have resulted in a disaster for all attending if the RCMP hadn’t handled it in a very intelligent manner. The guns confiscated look like highly powered automatic weapons capable of killing many people in a very short time.

It’s a well known fact the NDP under Rachael Notley was on the right track and Albertans want her back. Take it from a former Royal bank manager Increasing corporate taxes and oil royalties back up to the Lougheed levels , like Notley was trying to do is the only way to fix this financial mess these phoney conservatives have put us in. Believing the lies of Jason Kenney is just plain stupid.

Lougheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles and the MLAs I got to know taught me to never trust a Reformer and Jason Kenney has certainly proved them right.

Alan K. Spiller,


Reply to Feb. 9 editorial

Dear Editor:

First of all, you must be so thankful to your mom for not having aborted you, thankful for birthing you. Giving you a chance to become a contributing member of society.

And more than likely, your mom also had you vaccinated as a baby against smallpox and other diseases.

I so agree with you when you say “That vaccination and abortion is not the same thing.” Vaccination is to help prevent serious diseases in our lives, abortion is snuffing out that life.

Hans Visser

One response to “Letters to the Editor Feb. 16”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    I wonder who Paul Thomas thinks he’s fooling. If the excavators weren’t going to be used in this criminal act why were they even there? I think he will find the vast majority of Albertans agree with the RCMP. Too bad they were put at risk of being damaged in the first place.

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