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Letters to the Editor Dec. 8

Posted on December 8, 2021 by Taber Times

UCP and Kenney government costing Albertans

Albertans have realized that our former conservative MLAs were right — you can’t trust a Reformer.

While they are too busy infighting amongst themselves, Kenney continues to spread his lies. After slashing $9.4 billion off corporate taxes to benefit his rich friends, he tries to trick Albertans into believing Ottawa is stealing all of our money and Canadians should be willing to bale us out with equalization payments.

How stupid does he think Canadians are? He wants to kick out the RCMP for daring to investigate his party and is spreading the lie that it would be a lot cheaper, with a private system when all he is trying to do is create a police state that he can control and use against people who don’t support him.

If that weren’t bad enough, he is willing to put our water supply at risk with coal mining and has deliberately tried to drive out our rural doctors so he can close down your rural health care facilities. Where is the intelligence in that?

It’s been one gong show after another starting with Ralph Klein and it has cost many Albertans their lives and we have lost hundreds of billions in lost revenues and we owe it to our children to get it stopped.

Alan K. Spiller,


One response to “Letters to the Editor Dec. 8”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Now defeated reformer Brian Jean wants another chance to get even with Jason Kenney for defeating him, ignoring the fact it was Albertans who didn’t want him and voted against him. Many haven’t forgotten forgotten the lies he spread as leader of the Wildrose Party. He claimed that Alberta was broke because we have had to send billions of dollars to Ottawa and Quebec in the form of equalization payments, when Alberta hasn’t paid a penny.

    He has also suggested that we should separate from Canada if we don’t get what we want from them when Ottawa has been saving us through this pandemic and has saved our oil industry over the years.

    While these Reformers want us to believe the lie that Ottawa is stealing all our money this proves they aren’t “Alberta has received more funds from feds than it has from revenue”.

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