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Federal election called at unideal time

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Taber Times

To no one’s surprise, Justin Trudeau has called a snap federal election set for Sept. 20.

While we’re still dealing with plenty of COVID-19 effects, the upcoming election signals another grab at a majority government for the Trudeau-led Liberals.

People are still dealing with COVID-19 and while restrictions have been lifted in Alberta, that doesn’t mean it’s been completely eliminated from every day life for Canadians.

The threat is still there, and some people obviously have more important issues to attend to this fall than heading back to the polls.

Are people excited to head back to the polls so soon for another federal election? We don’t think so.

It’s also right before Alberta municipal elections, which has large implications at a community level, and it’s fair to assume the federal election will take many headlines.

While both are equally important, we encourage people to pay attention at the local level and be informed.

The federal election will no doubt be national news every night until election night, but remember that municipal governments are the closest to the people in the community, which means they’re easier to get a hold of and express your concerns.

Southern Alberta Newspapers will be doing extensive municipal coverage leading up to Oct. 18 to give you as much information about the candidates running in your area.

But with the federal election coming first, eyes and ears should also be attentive to what party leaders are saying and doing before the big day.

Overall, the Liberals navigating their way to a majority at this point in time feels cheap and unwanted for the vast majority of Canadians.

Whether you liked their pandemic response or not, there’s no denying the Liberals are hoping Canadians want to double-down on those efforts and the they’ve continued to make promises to help with post-COVID-19 relief.

But, with the Liberals banking on calling an election to cash in on that response, it doesn’t seem to be resonating with all Canadians, as many polls have the Conservative Party gaining ground.

On early Saturday morning, Nanos Research had Conservative Party support increase by 3.9 per cent between Aug. 12-20.

The group still has the Liberals in front with 34.2 per cent, but the Conservatives are right behind with 32.3 per cent.

The NDP are behind in third at 20.2 per cent, Bloc Québécois sits at 6.1 per cent, Green Party is at 4.3 per cent, and the People’s Party has 2.1 per cent.

There’s lots of choice across the different parties in Canada, but like in years past, the vast majority of Canadians prefer the Liberals or Conservatives.

Parties have also started releasing their platforms on several issues, and we encourage everyone to read each party’s to see which one you identify with most.

Viewing political parties as sports teams is a terrible way to vote every election, and voting one way just because you voted that way in the past or because other people are, isn’t a great way to approach elections.

Vote for the party with the best platform for you, and make sure to read about your local Member of Parliament as they’ll be the ones you’re voting for.

If you like an MP from a party that you don’t typically vote for, that’s totally OK and encouraged.

The choices will be plenty and there will be articles written, debates hosted, and plenty of advertisements that can help lead to your decision before you head to the polls.

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