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Letters to the Editor — July 21

Posted on July 21, 2021 by Taber Times

Thanks to rural pharmacists

Dear Editor:

Since day one, Alberta has worked hard to get vaccines into arms, as quickly as possible. With almost five million doses administered, we are quickly emerging from the pandemic and getting back to normal at a record pace.

On behalf of all Albertans, I want to thank the thousands of health care workers across Alberta who were involved in the pandemic response and vaccine roll-out.

For months, health care workers have worked incredibly hard to administer millions of vaccine doses through hundreds of clinics province-wide. AHS has launched rapid flow clinics, walk-in clinics and drive-thru clinics, continually adapting to deliver vaccines to Albertans. Physicians have also stepped up, helping vaccinate patients throughout the province. Local partners, community agencies and many others have also done remarkable work to get people vaccinated.

In particular, I want to thank the 1,400 pharmacies and thousands of pharmacists who have stepped up to administer over two million doses.

When the first COVID-19 vaccines arrived in December, we needed to move quickly. Alberta’s pharmacists were uniquely positioned to respond to this challenge in all areas of the province, especially throughout rural Alberta, where pharmacists are often the most consistently available and trusted sources of information for Albertans’ health care needs.

That’s why Alberta created the most expansive pharmacy roll-out for vaccines in Canada. We knew our pharmacists were ready and able to safely handle a large volume and fast pace. Alberta’s government was honoured to provide the support and funding to ensure pharmacies were an integral part of the roll-out.

Alberta’s pharmacists are among the best in Canada and internationally recognized as leaders in pharmacy. Alberta’s pharmacists were the first in Canada to be entrusted with handling and administering the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. They were also the first to reach one million vaccinations given at pharmacies. From big cities to small towns, they have driven our vaccine roll-out forward.

It hasn’t always been easy. The incoming supply of vaccines was repeatedly delayed or cut during the first months of this year. Many pharmacists had to work extra hours and pharmacies had to hire extra staff. They’ve patiently countered misinformation with solid research and facts about vaccine safety. In between answering the phone and managing line-ups in stores on days when newly eligible Albertans rushed to get their appointments, they’ve also managed to fill prescriptions and take care of non-COVID-19 health concerns too. All this, often on a one-on-one basis.

More than 1,400 pharmacies stepped up to win the fight against COVID-19. On behalf of all Albertans, I would like to express my gratitude to them and to all the other health care workers who have helped look after and protect us all. The next time you see your local pharmacist, physician or any other health care provider, helping vaccinate Albertans, say thanks. We couldn’t have opened for summer without them, and we will stay open because they stepped up when we needed them most.

Tyler Shandro,
Alberta minister of Health.

Unhappy about potential nurse wage roll-back

Dear Editor:

I reacted with dismay at the news on CTV that Jason Kenney’s UCP government is considering a three per cent wage roll-back for Alberta’s nurses. Who in their right mind would even give this two seconds of thought after the sacrifices our nurses have made; to say nothing of risking their lives in dealing with the COVID pandemic.

Perhaps those people on the terrace had imbibed too much wine the day that decision was discussed. (Editor’s Note: Referring to a previous provincial story)

At any rate, I would suggest the politicians should take a comparable three per cent wage cut and use the funds to underwrite the cost of vaccination cards similar to Alberta Health Care cards. Bless our nurses!

Ron Levagood,

One response to “Letters to the Editor — July 21”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    The true senior conservatives in my world have had enough of these phony ones and sick and tired of the lies they have been spreading.

    Reformers looking after their own well being and those of their rich friends while they trying to force the rest of us into more privatization. Shandro must think we are damn fools if he thinks his government is going to cut $9.4 billion for the rich and force doctors, nurses, and teachers to take wage cuts after what they have been through.

    Ron Levagood is absolutely right in his comments, while Tyler Sandro is trying to save his butt with his pack of fancy lies the senior conservatives in my world aren’t believing any of them.

    This UCP government has shown no respect for Albertans, or any of the doctors, nurse, and teachers or the people they have risked their lives to save.

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