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Moms and dads were the building blocks of society

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Taber Times

Dear Editor:

(From a recent editorial in the Taber Times) “The ‘good old days’ wasn’t” (went) onto say, “Can you imagine what it was like back in the day?”

Not only can I imagine, I experienced those days. My first 16 years in Holland, and now 72 years in Alberta.

(The editorial) said life was much simpler back then. Yes, very true. Would I have missed the scientific explanations or the confusing news media of today? (I) don’t think so. Knowledge (is a) big win for the species.

The results of that knowledge is certainly not that great. For the most part, in my time, the moms and dads were the building blocks of society. In my case, there were seven siblings. Mom and dad were always there for us. They taught us the values of life and the work ethics. Of course, there were challenges, but we supported each other.

(The editorial also said) charismatic leaders hypnotized the masses, while preaching salvation. What I remember of the church, with all its flaws, being the safest place. Yes, teaching us about God’s awesome creation and to love our neighbours, as ourselves. I must admit that is a real learning curve in itself.

Also, our fathers of confederation stated in the preamble of Canada’s constitution, “Canada is founded on principles that recognize God and the rule of law.” Now, the Western World has created a society that can no longer sustain itself because of a birth rate that is way below replacing us older people — and so are totally dependent on immigrants.

The percentage of citizens of the population that need to pay the taxes of this country is shrinking.

Governments are creating massive debts that can never be repaid. We will be seeing a more bloated bureaucracy. (The editorial ended by saying) “Chaos would have continued to rule the land.” And yes, that could just come true if today’s society continues it’s course.

But I am old, what do I know?

Hans Visser

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