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Endless possibilities to stay healthy

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Taber Times

Dear Editor:

The human body is a complex phenomenon designed with many defences to keep people safe, healthy and free from diseases and illnesses of all kinds throughout their lifetime. The moment we are conceived, we become exposed to bacteria, fungus, mold, protozoa, viruses and harmful toxic chemicals daily. Each encounter we have with these organisms and toxic substances, triggers a cascade of events inside our body’s immune system to protect us from these foreign invaders. From the body’s first line of defence, including trillions of micro-organisms/healthy bacteria on the skin — the tears, mucus membranes throughout the respiratory system, all the way down to the innate, adaptive and passive immunity, the body works around the clock to protect itself from illness and disease each day.

No matter what your age, the human body is designed to get sick and we should not feel ashamed or be afraid of getting sick. It is through exposure to all these things and the world around us, which strengthen the immune system, developing memory upon repeated exposure to fight these invaders. There is no one size fits all approach to keeping your immune system healthy. We are all unique in our design and that is what makes the world in which we live an amazing place.

Staying healthy can be as simple as spending time with family and friends, contributing to your community, spending time in nature, gardening, reading a book or the newspaper, listening to music, watching a movie, creating, painting, building, walking barefoot in the grass, doing yoga, taking exercise classes at the local swimming pool, dining at a restaurant, hanging out at the local pub, working out at the local gym, maintaining a healthy diet, supplementing, exercising, freeing your food and home from toxic chemicals, being yourself, shaking hands, hugging someone, going on a road trip or holiday, rallying, playing sports, going to church, volunteering, snuggling your pets, doing things that truly excite you and you feel passionate about — or simply supporting people, despite their different values and beliefs.

These are just a small glimpse of the endless possibilities to staying healthy. It is through our own unique experiences of life and by trusting in the inner workings of our own body, we can truly achieve optimal health.

Latisha Schmid

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