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Conservatives offering no solutions to problems facing Canada

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Taber Times

Dear Editor:

All of my senior friends and I proudly supported the Lougheed and Getty governments, but find it hard to believe what a farce the Alberta conservative parties have become — both provincially and federally. Reformer Stephen Harper was a total disaster. Allowing Reformers to take over these conservative parties has been a nightmare for all (of) us and MP Martin Shields proves he is no different. While he whines and complains, he offers no solution to the mess we are (in). Blaming others is a lot easier.

While we hear small business owners praising the Liberal federal government for the financial help they have received, we see these phoney conservatives blaming Ottawa for the vaccine shortages they had no control over and watch Reformer Jason Kenney deliberately try to destroy everything our conservative hero Peter Lougheed created for us. Without any care or concern for what it would do to us.

Maybe Shields would like to explain to us why these small businesses in rural Alberta haven’t received federal government help? Are they too lazy to apply and are their MPs and MLAs too lazy to help them?

With the popularity of Erin O’Toole failing, we would expect our conservative representatives to be more willing to work with Trudeau to get us through this pandemic instead of being hell-bent on spreading lies to try to defeat him.

We are finding more and more Alberta conservatives are refusing to believe them, they’ve been lied to far too often.

Alan K. Spiller,

One response to “Conservatives offering no solutions to problems facing Canada”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    While small businesses in Edmonton tell us that curb side pickup and take out is working and helping them survive this pandemic these phoney conservative MLAs led by Drew Barnes want their businesses to remain open to walk-in ignoring the fact that they could be putting themselves at risk of getting sued like we have seen with Joeys in Calgary. Where is the intelligence in that?

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