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Had enough of the UCP government

Posted on January 13, 2021 by Taber Times

Those of us from the world of finance who proudly supported the Alberta Conservative Party under Lougheed and Getty, have seen enough of these phony conservatives.

MLA Grant Hunter brags about slashing taxes to benefit the rich while his party is promising to cut 11,000 health care workers’ jobs. Where is the intelligence in that?

If that wasn’t bad enough, it will not provide this government with any additional revenues to help clean up this Orphan Well mess for our farmers and ranchers that our previous phony conservative governments created for them.

While he brags about his cutting red tape policies, he ignores the fact that it was this cutting of red tape disaster that created the Orphan Well mess in the first place and a nightmare for condo owners in Fort McMurray who saw their buildings condemned for not being properly inspected during the building stage.

Add this to the ignorance recently displayed by the UCP members who didn’t think the COVID restrictions included them, and Jason Kenney claimed they had done nothing wrong.
He has now found himself facing massive criticism from angry Albertans. Can you blame them?

The true conservatives in my world are convinced that these phony conservatives aren’t smart enough to govern this province properly and I have to agree. Not one of them has been smart enough to suggest that we should be following Lougheed’s lead of collecting proper royalties, taxes, and health care premiums, and run this province properly, like Lougheed did, and Alaska and Norway are doing.

Alan K. Spiller

One response to “Had enough of the UCP government”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Add this to the fact that these phoney conservatives Reformers don’t care that they could be putting rural Albertans in a horrible mess fighting a horrific polluted water mess.

    After our conservative hero Peter Lougheed put regulations in place to protect southern Albertans from this ever happening.

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