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Your Health is in your own hands

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Taber Times

I would like to remind everyone to be kind to one another. The pandemic has thrust mass sanitization, social distancing, mask wearing, and isolation upon on us. Yet the coronavirus numbers continue to rise in Alberta communities. These measures are providing individuals with a false sense of security, weakening people physically, emotionally, and mentally. This pandemic has instilled a deep fear and hatred in many people causing them to lash out in unhealthy, and unkind ways.

There is no doubt, the Coronavirus is real and sadly people are losing their lives to this virus. However, since the start of the pandemic life and death by other causes, have become less important and insignificant.

Humans have co-existed with bacteria, fungus, mold, protozoa viruses and the likes since the beginning of time and continue to do so daily. We are all born with an immune system that keeps us safe and healthy and allows us to live, grow and evolve with these organ- isms. As a healthcare professional, I have heard little information through the media, the Health Minister, politicians, or other powers that be, anything related to ways in which we can keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

Instead, we are bombarded with increasing numbers and daily death tolls, reminded to wear masks, social distance and self-isolate. Despite these efforts, our best and only defense against any virus or illness, for that matter, resides with-in ourselves, it is called our immune system. A vaccine is not going to save the world from the coronavirus, we need to quit being victims, and placing blame on others, instead we need be responsible for our own lives and choices. There is zero need to lash out at people because of personal insecurities and health choices. In order for our immune system to stay strong, our bodies need exposure to the world around us.

Not wearing a mask does not make a person “ignorant” or “not very bright”, I have done the research. There are many reasons why a person cannot wear a mask and should not wear a mask. People need to stop condemning individuals based on their own personal values and beliefs. Instead, everyone in this community needs to focus on their own health and wellbeing. Educate yourselves about the many things that will keep your own immune system strong and healthy. By maintaining a healthy diet, supplementing, exercising, getting lots of sleep, doing mind, body and spirit work, reducing toxic chemical exposure, reducing medication burden, and especially staying connected to family, friends, and the community, we can stay strong in the face of the coronavirus or any affliction that may be thrust upon us. Keeping our own selves healthy will help ensure the health and safety of our loved ones, immune compromised individuals, and our community.

More than every before, we need to come together. We need to be respectful, show kindness, be caring, be compassionate and above all we need to love and support each other for doing what is right for themselves. Make the changes you and your family need to stay healthy. For it is in numbers that we can all stay strong.

Latisha Schmid

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