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COVID-19 stirring memories of WWII

Posted on November 18, 2020 by Taber Times

The COVID-19 virus got off to a slow start around the world. Realization set in as it reached the western world. WWII was on again, off again at first until Neville Chamberlain waved a piece of paper in the air announcing, “Peace in our time.” Realization set in when soon after war was declared.

As COVID-19 appeared, plans and actions were put into place — as in WWII creating immediate changes in lifestyle for populations of the world.

Hoarding…it was declared a serious crime early in the war. People’s homes were invaded and hoarded items removed. Then came the fines, and sometimes imprisonment.

The isolation advised because of COVID-19 is similar to the Blitz where people took cover in shelters, under the stairs and in closets as the round-the-clock bombings went on day and night.

The issuance of gas masks in WWII and the COVID-19 masks of today are similar, each for protection.

Daily bulletins were given in newspapers and radio on the numbers of deaths during air raids. Today, mass media broadcasts the ongoing reaches of the deadly COVID-19 virus around the world.

During WWII there were shortages due to the actions of war. Many shops were closed, destroyed or converted to war work.

Shops and businesses are closing today for lack of customers during isolation and some items becoming unavailable.
Restriction of unnecessary civilian travel and gasoline shortages created job losses. Holiday resorts were closed for fear of invasion.

Today, airlines are creating safer situations regarding COVID-19 and the restrictions of six foot spaces between people to curtail transmission of the virus are all in place.

Anticipation of the end of WWII went on as people hoped it would be over in a month, or by Christmas.

Isolation and anticipation of the end of COVID-19 is causing great stress as arrangements are made to put children back in school. Other recommendations and restrictions are being made as the virus spreads.

Tension rises as the spread and deaths across the world from COVID- 19 are made known.

Posters appeared all over Britain during the war with reminders to keep “Chin Up and Carry On.” Today we get a form of posters on TV. Reminders of necessary actions to prevent or even end the killer virus. “Carry On” is being used again.

During WWII, guns and bombs caused death and destruction, today we have the silent world-wide killer virus.

Hazel L. West Taber

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