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November 27, 2021 November 27, 2021

Cancel “cancel culture”

Posted on July 22, 2020 by Taber Times

I would like to thank Hans Visser for his insight of WWII in Holland (“Taber’s Visser reflects on Nazi occupation of Holland” by Greg Price, July 8). History has a bearing on what our future will be, whether past history was good or bad, we need to learn from it and strive for a better future!

Is is possible that the great monument at Vimy Ridge could be torn down because “cancel culture” finds a reason to do so? Might the Bible finally be deemed “hate literature” because it mentions the word “slaves”?

From what is transpiring with the “cancel culture” ideology we had better consider who is knocking at our door. What or who is in the background driving “cancel culture”? Will we be prepared to wake up one morning, to find that our rights are taken from us, rights that men and women died for in the great wars?

From “We” to government handouts to students, the youth of this country is being manipulated and indoctrinated!

Very subtle, but very effective!

The current government in Ottawa is totally in control.

Truth, integrity and humility mean nothing to those in power! Communism is knocking at out nation’s door! What will we do about it?

Ultimately, God is in control and He is allowing this to happen!

It is up to us to seek Him out, and he will heal our land.

Brooks Husband

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