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Responsibility needed

Posted on June 24, 2020 by Taber Times


You are responsible, not the other guys, or even the government and don’t let them take that responsibility away from you.

Our family came to this awesome country, Canada, in 1949, and have been very blessed. The government’s role was to keep us safe, and they did.

We were on our own, the school aged children were integrated in their allotted classrooms, yes difficult, but successful.

The same for us in the work force. The mom’s role was most difficult, looking after their loving family.

Our mom had a motto, “I can’t, is dead and, don’t want, is buried.”

Dig in, be responsible and respectful.

Mom and dad were able to start their own farm and became involved in the community.

Worship and church was very important to them and their children. They also recognized that the mom and dad family unit is the building block of society. And that was the basis this country is built on.

And so the Fathers of Confederation were welcoming of new immigrants, and also invited God into our country, and this God did not really push himself on anyone, but many immigrants came to this country, because of its freedom of faith and expression, and that faith became imbedded in Canada’s culture and as a result, many Christian organizations.

And yes there were, and continue to be some black pages in these Christian-based efforts, there certainly was a dark side to the Native residential schools. But good or bad, we must learn from success and failure, and take responsibility as a follow up. So now my thoughts arrive 70 years after arriving in this still awesome country.

But what often happens when a society becomes wealthy, its citizens’ attitudes change. And that is certainly the case in Canada, God is no longer invited, but tolerated. The family as a building block has collapsed. There are now more Canadians in the obituary page than birth announcements, we are now totally dependent on immigration to keep our numbers up in order to keep our society running.

And now we keep hearing the word race.

Why even use that word?

God has created us all equal, please stop using that word, it brings disunity, instead off unity. We have no choice in who’s womb we are created in, but we do have a choice to integrate in the society we are born in. Please follow my mom’s advice, “I can’t is dead” and “I don’t want is buried.”

Hans Visser

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