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Reflection on the murder of George Floyd

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Taber Times

Some thoughts about the police killing of George Floyd, the riots in Minnesota, and political unrest in the U.S.A. and, yes, in Canada.

As background, so amazing how God created us human beings, with a conscience, the ability to perceive, what is right or wrong. In my long life I have experienced times when I silenced the warning of wrong. But the God that I believe in has helped and guided me, like the slave trader John Newton who penned the hymn “Amazing Grace”.

When we as human beings continue to silence that conscience, then eventually the lines between right and wrong become blurred. Then respect and absolutes in life become meaningless. That was like officer Derek Chauvin, choking a black man, George Floyd, to death. And sadly justice was not done immediately. This disrespect and void of discipline is also creeping into our society. No respect for life?

What about aborting our children, 80 years ago it was frowned about, now society shut their conscience, and become calloused, no longer protecting the most vulnerable, no respect for life.

And that shows up in the riots, it seems that their leaders are professional anarchists that motivate a crowd to create havoc, burning buildings and police cars. Martin Luther King, he demonstrated peacefully and helped change hearts.

These thugs remind me of Adolf Hitler, how did he come to power? It was during the Depression of the twenties and thirties, the common German people were tired, they dropped the ball, and allowed the thugs to elect the evil regime of Hitler in 1933 and brought the world into chaos and death.

I lived in Holland during the five-year occupation, terrible times, don’t know what freedom is until you lose it. Only one thing is positive under that much stress, crying for help. The churches were packed. Now 80 years later in the western world we are blessed and have become wealthy and we think self-sufficient, do we still have need for God?

But now we are going into another depression, creating debt loads we will not be able to carry, caused by a little bug who turned the whole world upside down, how much control do we really have? Just thinking.  

Hans Visser

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