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“Pandemium” hampered by lack of data

Posted on May 27, 2020 by Taber Times

Last night, I caught this headline from the corner of my eye. I was closing my laptop and I did not bother reading it. It just seems like a message that was sent to me to react once again at this phoney “pandemium” and these crazy times. How could a writer create such a title? It’s not the “pandemium” that is hampered, it’s the people living through it. A “pandemium” is not a living thing and, in this case, I still believe that it is a hoax like its precedent H1N1. Almost three months in this crisis in Canada and more in the rest of the world, how could we say that we don’t have enough data to understand that this is not a “pandemium” and we should have not taken the extreme measures that we did worldwide?

This title illustrates the type of world and society that we are living in. Never mind the humans, let’s talk about things instead. Let’s not recognize the deep hole that we have created and let’s continue to perpetuate a lie, a very big lie. Because the truth is too difficult to face, it creates too much anxiety and stress for us, we just can’t handle it. Whether we have to admit that there is some conspiracy, or that there is an attack against humanity by the Devil or simply that we dropped a big one all of us, none of these scenarios are easy to tackle. Because we all believe, with what we have today, that we are self-sufficient and we do not need someone or something that is a higher power, like God, Aliens, Force of Attraction, or whatever definitions we can give.

It is easier for humans to default to the beliefs that everything will be OK, that we will get through this and somehow we will find some kind of normality or we will adapt to whatever the future holds for us. It is my hope too, but I feel that we are taking a big risk the longer that we are following this strategy of confinement, lockdowns and regulations to our human behaviours that are healthy and integral to our lives. Every day that we spend in this atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and confusion wears down our resilience and this will cause for all of us more damage that the coronavirus will do. Because we have the data, I am sure, but someone is trying to cover up this tragedy that we have created by declaring this a pandemium. And while we are pretending that we are doing this to protect our elders, we are isolating them completely. And we all know this deep down in ourselves, and this bad feeling will never go away until this travesty is uncovered, admitted and stopped.

Louis Lamontagne

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