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Death is unavoidable

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Taber Times

This data is from Statistics Canada. This is a summary of the numbers of deaths statistics by year for January, Febuary, and March: Year 2014 (66,901), Year 2015 (73,157) Year 2016 (69,942) Year 2017 (75,043) Year 2018 (78,146).

Total deaths by COVID in Canada, January – February – March up to April 23, 2020: 2,294 (Globe and Mail)

Total deaths by COVID in Alberta, January – February – March up to April 24, 2020: 68
Did Canada close churches, which are the most essential, in 2014 because of 66,901 deaths? NO! 

Did Canada give millions of taxpayer money to China in 2015 because of 73,157 deaths? NO! 

Did Canada bring financial ruin to its own businesses in 2016 because of 69,942 deaths? NO! 

Did Canada deliberately cut off all family relationships in 2017 because of 75,043 deaths? NO! 

Did Canada close schools, cancel surgeries and more in 2018 because of 78,146 deaths? NO!

Why is Canada enacting and enforcing totalitarian rules in 2020 because of 2,294 deaths?

Why does Alberta do all the above to all Albertans in 2020 when there have been but 68 deaths?

Death is a stark reality of our existence. We will all die; that is a fact. There is nothing we can do to escape death; when it is our time to die, we will die. No government totalitarian rule will save its people from death. Even were we to spend 24 hours a day washing our hands, wiping the house from top to bottom with Lysol, avoiding all contact with our fellow human beings, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, etc. we would yet die by the way/cause and at the time God has appointed for us. 

We better wake up. The devil deceives the nations, the media promote lies, and Canada no longer guards its citizens.

It is time to fight for freedom of religion, freedom of/for/in churches, freedom for families, freedom of Christian education, freedom of speech. Canada has been a democracy up until now. Are we going to give up our democracy? What will be the alternative?

Sheila Ypma

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