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“Happiness” by Bill Skelton

Posted on April 8, 2020 by Taber Times

“The whole world seeks for happiness
That’s just a fact of life;
It’s true for single persons
As well as man and wife.”

“The rich man and the poor man,
the prince and the pauper too
Are searching somewhere, somehow
For happiness — ‘Aren’t you?’”

“Now some folks look for happiness
In places far away;
Yanks come to Alberta
We go to U.S.A.”

“The English go to Denmark,
The French descend on Spain.
Italians go to Sweden
By bus or ship or plane.”

“It seems that they are swarming
Like a hive of bumble bees;
They cannot see the forest
‘Cause it’s hidden by the trees!”

“They just don’t know that happiness
Is something that is free.
You want it? You can have it,
(That goes for you and me).”

“For happiness is ‘made at home’
And here’s the way to start;
Be thankful, where and who you are
And have a joyful heart.”

“Give thanks to God for giving you
A home where you and I
Can daily find great happiness
With gifts from Him on high.”

I believe this Bill Skelton worked at the Lethbridge radio station some years ago. I thought this would be appropriate for the situation of the day.

Also, a joke or two in the main part of the Times might be a reason for people to have a chuckle today.


Garold Bullock

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