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Family helps fight crime

Posted on February 5, 2020 by Taber Times

Re: Jan. 22 Taber Times Our Readers Say on reducing crime in Taber.

I want to commend both letter writers, David Walters and Abram Dyck. They both focus on parenting, about moms and dads.

I remember specially my mom, and my late wife Lena as a mom. They were always there for their kids, always loving and caring, and when their kids were immature teenagers making some wrong choices, what they later regretted, mom was always there, non-judgemental, ready to listen and encourage.

In today’s society the role of mom is playing second fiddle. Careers and the equality of male and female have become so over important. I ask the question, did I and my generation help this distorted image?

My life experience has taught me that motherhood is irreplaceable. Dear mothers and fathers, I recognize that it is difficult to raise a family in today’s culture, but please teach strong moral values as you can find in the 10 commandments.

Be loving, show good leadership, you are the building block of tomorrow’s society.


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