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What can be done to solve crime?

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Taber Times

I have seen how the crime in the Taber area has been rising, and I can’t help but want to do something about it.

The solution that I want to share are three ideas that need to be implemented into our community.

The first solution, I believe that if we give kids things to do like having more sporting events and teams, it gives kids a reason to stay off the streets and get motivated.

You see kids get bored at home and need to be motivated. If we as a community don’t have anything to offer, they turn to the streets and start committing crime.

This takes me to the second part of my solution which is putting in place a program to teach parents to raise their kids properly and to teach them about the consequences of committing crime.

I have seen over the years that there are lots of families where their home is full of chaos. Lots of parents don’t know how to work under pressure, all they need is a helping hand, someone to reach out to them and say you’re not alone.

We all need love, even the people that commit crime. It’s the lack of attention and love that makes a kid or adult to act out. We need a place for parents and kids to come together, a place that provides fun activities and where parents can come together and share their struggles.

If we implement these things into our communities, I truly believe that crime will go down in a major way.


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