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Pros and cons of solar farms

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Taber Times

It has come to my attention that a plethora of solar panel ‘farms’ are inundating Alberta, Canada, and the world.

It appears that entrepreneurs are jumping out of the woodwork, scrambling to get in on the “green bandwagon,” looking to make a quick buck for their efforts.

Let’s stop and take a breath for just a minute and consider what happens when thousands of acres of prairie grassland are raped in the name of alternative energy.

What happens to the foxes, rattlesnakes, burrowing owls, raptors, antelope, deer, and other creatures that call our prairies home? When was the last time, even now, that you’ve heard the song of a meadowlark? What would be the quality of life on families living in proximity to these so-called “farms”?

Medicine Hat recently pulled the plug on their multi-million dollar attempt at solar-panel energy production. They have turned the panels down. One reason given is ‘lack of sunshine’. Imagine that.

There are many informative articles regarding solar panel farms on the Internet.

Yours truly,

Norma Zobell

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