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Don’t condemn councillors before facts are out

Posted on November 27, 2019 by Taber Times

Article – ‘M.D. of Taber councillors found in breach of code of conduct’, Times reporter interview with Derrick Krizsan. From the Taber Times Nov. 20, 2019 article – ‘Impeachment at the M.D. of Taber’ submitted by Mr. Hank Vanbeers

After reading these articles a few things come to mind, I know there’s more to the story. Remember three councilors make up half the voting council.

One of these councillors was elected in 1998 and sat as a councillor, as a reeve and as a deputy reeve. He worked as a council member in different capacities from the time Mr. Derrick Krizsan was hired as Agricultural field man through to this year. The other councillors have worked with Mr. Derrick Krizsan for just over two years.

Mr. Derrick Krizsan chose to quit as he could not work with current elected council. This is not uncommon with new council, that administration has a change, in fact it is quite common.

Council is an elected position voted on by the ratepayers of the M.D. In the last election the ratepayers stated clearly that they wanted a change. People vote for candidates they trust and that reflect their concerns, values, morals etc. In councillor orientation would they not have to read, reviewed and signed off that they acknowledge the “council code of conduct”? (Bylaw 1935) I printed the 10-page council code of conduct with it’s over 20 subsections, I searched and found this on the M.D. of Taber website. Because the finding of the SAGE Analytic Inc. investigation and the actions taken from it were dealt with in “in camera” all the facts have not yet been made public knowledge. Which part or parts of the code did they breach?

Did they have just reason or reasons to breach the code? What did they hear, see and or read that they felt needed to breach the code? If you were in their position would you have done the same? Until all of the facts come out we have more questions than answers.

We can read the Times and get the opinion of the paper, Mr. Derrick Krizsan and Mr. Hank Vanbeers, but not the three individual councillors, the council as a whole or the employees. The public should not condemn the three councillors until all the facts are out.

Retired M.D. employee after 37 years

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