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Impeachment at the M.D. of Taber

Posted on November 20, 2019 by Taber Times

Some councillors claim to be disappointed for being sent to the penalty box for a couple months (Nov 13 Taber Times: M.D. of Taber councillors found in breach of Code of Conduct).

They forgot to mention that the council decision to do so was based on the findings of a third party investigation into behaviour and actions of council members.

A councillor that has been on council for more than 20 years and still does not know what is acceptable code of conduct. Maybe it is time to move on.

When an administrator, who has been recognized by his provincial peers for excellence in municipal administration, deems it necessary that for the sake of his own sanity, needs to seek employment elsewhere, move away from our community, which has benefitted from half a life time of his service, it is obvious we have a dysfunctional council.

Nothing in the councillors’ response to their penalty indicates any effort in the future to a better working relationship.

No aspiring new administrator is going to step into this replacement position until this group gets their act together.

The best way to do this is by having a byelection.


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