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Trump unlike Stephen King character

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Taber Times

Re: Trevor Busch’s August 14 column:

No, Trump doesn’t equal the Stephen King character of Greg Stillson. And Trevor Busch doesn’t consider the greater danger of the anti-populist alternative, globalism, to our legacy of personal freedom. The globalist “elites” (to over-dignify them) believe us unworthy of it and hate its defenders. Remember, the US 2016 election was supposed to be another Bush-Clinton contest. And Clinton signalled she wanted war with Russia. Populism thankfully prevented that outcome.

King presents the character Stillson as a career politician who finances his campaigns with blackmail. Donald Trump built his career in Manhattan real estate and television. Stillson is foreseen to spark a nuclear armageddon. Trump has met with hostile leaders to de-escalate tensions. Stillson, at least in the 1983 movie adaptation of “The Dead Zone,” commits suicide after his presidential ambitions fail. Trump is probably closer to assassination, as he defies the sheer hatred against him. Busch’s equivalency doesn’t pan out.

Would Trump shield himself behind a child? I highly doubt it.

Donald J. Trump brought his track record of successes as a private citizen, and his love of the country which made them possible, to an office where he can defend America’s exceptionalism. His antagonists met him with false accusations and a tsunami of character assassination, and it’s really tiresome — especially echoed at a local level. It’s good that Busch is reading, but he needs to read much more extensively, outside the noise machine of the single-narrative media. He doesn’t need to repeat its packaged hatred.


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