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Political correctness has its place

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Taber Times

Political correctness is often laughed at, scorned, ridiculed, mocked, satirized and judged harshly, but it has its rightful place.

Some segments of our society are becoming more rude and crude following after such phrases as, “tell it like it is” and “put him or her in his or her own place.”

For fear of being taunted as a weakling or one who can’t stand his or her own ground, one might be tempted to set aside standards of decent and principled communication and act and speak with unbridled passion.

Political correctness surely implies respect, restraint, thoughtfulness, listening with openness, disagreeing without being disagreeable, kindness and withholding judgement until the facts are known. Instead, we too often hear political incorrectness: bullying language, put-downs, interruptions, shouting and belittling others as if it were a banner of honour to do so.

Rather than deriding political correctness, we ought to prize and practice it. We should want to wear the badge that honours the highest principles of social interaction. No badge exists for shameful behaviour in not doing so.


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