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Taber Pride versus Taber Shame?

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Taber Times

I’m writing this as a CHRISTIAN, heterosexual man, living in Taber.

“Every person in Canada has the right to live free from fear of discrimination, violence or exclusion because of who they are, where they come from or what they believe.” ~ Marie-Claude Landry (Canadian Human Rights Commission).

This is in response to those who authored and signed a petition asking MLA Grant Hunter to oppose the raising of a rainbow flag at the provincial building in Taber.

Here are a few things I would like to bring to your attention:

– It has been 50 years (1969) since the Canadian federal government decriminalized homosexuality. And since then, discrimination on the basis of gender is forbidden by law.

You could even get successfully sued in court if you do. True story. The same legal system protects religious folks and those from the LGBTQ community.

– In your petition you wrote: “Christians are deeply grieved and hurt that a biblical symbol is used to represent non-biblical actions.”

1) NO, as a Christian, I am not “deeply grieved and hurt” to see a rainbow flag flown in my town. On the contrary, I’m grateful to see my LGBTQ neighbours being recognized and honoured.

And I oppose all discrimination or harassment against them in my town. If I was a parent of a child who identifies as LGBTQ, I would like to know he/she would be safe in town, no matter where he/she went.

2) I don’t know what “denomination” of Christianity you are a part of, but being a Christian does NOT give you the authority to speak for ALL Christians in town.

You are not our Pope. You don’t speak for me, just like I don’t speak for you.

3) The sign of God’s covenant with mankind was a rainbow IN THE CLOUDS, not a rainbow on a flag. That covenant was between God and all living creatures of any kind on earth (Genesis 9:13 and 16). That’s pretty inclusive, if you ask me. In choosing the rainbow as a symbol, LGBTQ folks seem to have understood that.

Plus, since Jesus, the bread and cup of communion are the signs of a new and better covenant.

4) The LGBTQ community never claimed that their flag represented anything else but inclusion and unity in diversity.

– Our town’s motto is: Unity, Growth, Prosperity. Does unity mean that we all believe the same thing? No, it means that we are mature and civil enough to extend mutual respect despite our differences, without causing distress to those who believe or live differently than we do.

50 years after Bill C-150, Canada still recognizes the inalienable right for all Canadians to NOT be discriminated against, harassed, shamed, attacked, devalued, oppressed, persecuted, bullied, or demoted because of their sexual orientation, as well as their culture, ethnicity, or religion.

Come on, Taber.


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