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Sorry to see UCP member step down

Posted on April 4, 2019 by Taber Times

So sad that Caylan Ford resigned due to the pressure from the media, an NDP member and even her own party, for the speaking the truth.

“I think we are heading in a dangerous direction when we heap scorn on each other,” said Ford. Meaning where we earmark certain factions of society by names as white supremacist, terrorist or extreme Muslim terrorist; calling each other names has never produced anything, certainly not healing for the loved ones of those who were killed. No, those people who do the killing are evil, no matter from what political or faith background they are, and justice must be done.

Today’s problem comes in when in Nigeria 300 Christians are killed, the media is silent on the perpetrators, while in New Zealand the perpetrators are called out.

The media is often guilty, not of the reporting, but of what they do not report, in order to give an issue a certain spin. It seems that there is no freedom left as to how to express ourselves. There is supposed to be freedom of speech, expression and religion for Canadians enshrined in our constitution. I am able to live with any peaceful human beings of any religion or non-religion. But will go on record that I am a Christian, meaning follower of Christ, who is love, that He demonstrated at Easter time, which we commemorate starting April 19.

I am so sorry, Caylan, that you felt you had no choice but to step down. Wishing you well.


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